More quality of life for asylum seekers

Beate zepf , who has been working for 20 years at caritas in the social service for refugees, knows the destinies. Like that of an iraqi family who came to forchheim in the spring with their two two- and three-year-old children and was accommodated in the shelter – all in one room! Of course, there are benefits in kind, such as daily meals, hygiene articles and clothing vouchers twice a year, as well as assistance for the sick, initial baby equipment and support for schoolchildren from the education package. But the so-called "pocket money for all the things you still need in life was scarce.

"Until now, a family had to make ends meet with about 120 euros for personal needs," explains beate zepf, tells the supervisor of the caritas. Despite the rising cost of living, nothing had changed since 1993 – until the federal constitutional court ruled on the matter this year in its decision of 18 december 2009. July the past benefit rates as evidently insufficient called and demanded these to the subsistence level to raise. Will mean on hartz 4 level. Uniformly, single adults now receive 346 euros (previously 224.97 euros) and young people from the beginning of 15 years of age. 271 euros instead of the previous 199 euros.

This applies to all asylum seekers who live in private apartments – which is more than half in bavaria. For people living in shared accommodation, including the asylum seekers in forchheimer jahn-strasse, the priority of benefits in kind still applies. However, they also benefit from the innovation: because the pocket money was also increased. "For example, for a head of household from about 40 to 134 euros so far", explains daniela schurf, press spokeswoman of the bavarian ministry of social affairs.

Sarotti ear and Miele aunt: the advertising world of yesterday

Who among the older generation doesn’t know him, the sarotti moustache that was a quintessential advertisement decades ago? A moor who advertised all kinds of sweets – nowadays that’s almost unthinkable. The very idea of racism destroys many a consideration that decades ago was still outside the realm of discussion.

A glimpse into the advertising world of yesterday is provided by a special exhibition at the city museum, which has been set up over the past few days and will be open to the public from november 30. November is presented. "Irresistible" is the title of the exhibition, which features posters and displays from the postwar period as well as from the 1980s and later. And of course the sarotti-mohr also plays a role.

The special exhibition will be divided into different focal points, as museum director irene lederer explains. Alcohol and cigarettes form one area, were heavily advertised in earlier times. Who doesn’t remember the HB man who always blew up right away?

Kulmbach man cheated twice on drug purchases - and now sentenced

It was going to be big business: four young men collected 1300 euros once, 1600 euros the second time, in order to get hashish with it. The drug was to be sold for profit in the kulmbach area. But nothing came of it.

Now one of the men, a 24-year-old mechanic from the district, had to answer to the local court. If he got away with a year's probation in the end, it was mainly because he had made a confession.

Hashish in the waste garbage can

the defendant was the driver when the quartet left on 1. June 2016 set off in the direction of burgkunstadt. There the drug business should go over the stage. It was agreed with the dealer that he would deposit the hashish, wrapped in aluminum foil, in a wastebasket at a fast-food restaurant. The money was supposed to be hidden in an envelope there as well. 130 grams of hashish for 1300 euros, that was the deal.

Low faces up to World Cup title pressure

For many fans and experts, one thing is certain: despite his recently extended contract, next summer’s world cup will be the final attempt to win a title for joachim low as national team coach.

The national coach knows that the entire nation is longing to win a major trophy again in brazil in 2014 after 18 years. "Of course it’s our goal to achieve the maximum there. We will prepare ourselves like world champions. I also think that we are among the favorites because of the last four years. We are facing up to this task and we are facing up to this pressure," low said at the end of 2013.

"We’ve taken another step forward," said the DFB head coach, who has extended his contract with the german soccer federation until the 2016 european championships in france, on the previous year’s world cup record. "It went well, some players have developed further, some we were able to integrate," low emphasized.

After the fire, neighbors help the victims

With information to the building fire in sailershausen of sunday evening the press office of the police headquarters lower franconia in peppering castle holds back also two days after the conflagration. Due to the high degree of destruction, it was difficult for fire investigators to make clear findings on the cause of the fire, explained the officer on duty on the phone. At the present time, there are no indications of negligent or even deliberate arson. Final statements were not yet possible, the investigation at the scene of the fire was ongoing.

Even as far as the amount of damage is concerned, no more than cautious estimates have been heard from the police. According to the press office, the initial estimate of damage was in the lower six-figure range, but current findings suggest that this is far from sufficient. The water damage to the half-timbered building is considerable, so that the official the damage in the meantime "certainly in the middle six-digit range" would settle, but that is very vague. Above all also because of the consultation with the insurance companies no more concrete data are possible.

According to the information provided by operations manager julia volpert of the hassfurt fire department, the alarm was raised at 19.38 o’clock on sunday evening received. Upon arrival, the first floriansjunger found the roof truss in full fire on. The problem: at the site of the fire, several buildings are virtually built on top of each other.

Elisabeth moss will play former u.s. congresswoman hill

American actress elisabeth moss (38, "the handmaid’s tale") will play former congresswoman katie hill in a film adaptation of hill’s memoir.

"I am so honored to be portrayed by the iconic elisabeth moss," hill wrote on twitter, linking to a report from the u.S. Film tabloid variety about the planned biopic. The streaming project by the production company blumhouse TV is based on the memoirs "she will rise: becoming a warrior in the battle for true equality" by the democratic politician published in august.

Hill (33) announced her resignation last october following the revelation of an affair with a campaign staffer. A conservative website had reported on the affair of the deputy from california and published text messages and intimate photos. Hill, who was considered a promising young congresswoman, is known as a vocal critic of U.S. President donald trump.

The new commander of the fire brigade is called Lukas Zwecker

To this year’s annual general meeting the chairman of the fire-brigade association tiemo sturzenberger welcomed beside mayor gotthard schlereth circle fire adviser benno metz, circle fire inspector thomas eyrich and circle fire chief torsten buechner the entire circle fire-brigade guidance. In addition to the election of the commander, honors were also on the agenda.

"The year 2019 has passed like in the flight", according to sturzenberger. Thus the fire-brigade took again the fire protection education examination with the third classes in the thulbatalschule off. After thorough preparation by active and passive comrades, all participants would have passed the exam. Over the whole year one had, together with katharina kaspar of the red cross readiness oberthulba, the training series ?Fire-brigade first aider? Carried out. After the first aid training, various topics such as the ABCDE scheme, resuscitation training, wound care, stroke and heart attack were practiced both theoretically and practically. The thanks of the chairman applied to the mayor, the local council, the local administration and not least the building yard. When it came to new acquisitions, retrofits or repairs, one had always met with open ears and support.

From the cash report of florian haas it was to be inferred that the association can look not least due to a hereditary case on a solid cash situation. The fire-brigade has at present 26 respirator carriers, 13 of it in the active service. The youth department consists of twelve members, the children’s fire department of seven. The young people have taken part in knowledge tests and first-aid courses. In addition one learned technical assistance as well as knots and stitches.

When marktsteft was to become a city

A festive weekend is planned in marktsteft on the 15. And 17. June in the house: the schutzgesellschaft is 300 years old – and this is to be celebrated properly with the coming evening on friday and the big festive day on sunday.

The beginning of the 18. The twentieth century was a "time of upheaval and constant change" for marktsteft and its citizens, as mayor rudolf riegler lets the reader know in the commemorative publication for the anniversary of the town’s protection. The rulers of the time, the margraves of ansbach, had lost their main harbor in kitzingen – the village of steft was to become the new head harbor of the dominion. With consequences for the village: it was to be developed into a town, trade and the settlement of businesses were promoted. Still today the strumpirkergasse reminds of such a trade.

In 1712, margrave friedrich wilhelm personally visited the new harbor town on the river main and formed a citizens’ company. It is considered the predecessor of today’s schutzengesellschaft and the anniversary of its founding also refers to this date. The club flag donated by the margrave can still be admired today in the marktsteft museum – albeit only in remnants.

With the fourth procedure, the so-called hofebonus, the still missing properties are provided with a connection to the fiber optic network. As the city of ebern announced, this means that the remaining 190 households that could not yet be supplied with fast internet in the city area in the previous expansion programs and subsidy programs from the state will also receive a connection.

With completion of this extension the entire urban area with all properties in the city of ebern then has fast internet with at least 30 mbit/s, expects mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD). According to telekom, which is handling the expansion, users will then be able to download data at a maximum speed of one gigabit per second, which should make it easier to watch movies or play video games. Up to 500 mbit/s available for uploading files.

Twelve areas affected

Telekom will install more than 14 kilometers of fiber optic cable and nine new fiber optic network distributors as part of the expansion project. The lines go directly into the houses concerned, the signals are transmitted optically. "With this technology we supply buildings in the areas albersdorf, bischwind am raueneck, ebern, eyrichshof, fischbach, gemund, hetschingsmuhle, lutzelebern, ruppach, ruppachsmuhle, sachsenhof and sandhof", said thomas weigand, municipal contact person in the deutsche telekom/technology division.

Twelve members of the wirtschaftsjunioren bad kissingen went on a company tour at laboklin gmbh& co. KG. Dr. Elisabeth muller, co-founder and managing director of the company, briefly explained the history of the company and its field of activity: around one million veterinary samples are processed each year by the company's 350 employees. The majority of customers are veterinarians in private practice, but industrial and research institutions also send in samples. The globally active company focuses on clinical laboratory diagnostics, microbiology, pathology and genetics. Research is also carried out in the various departments.
Dr. Elisabeth muller and dr. Gerhard loesenbeck, a specialist veterinarian in pathology, led the young entrepreneurs and managers through the various departments of the spacious building, answering questions and providing further explanations.
Bernadette koth, this year's district spokeswoman for the bad kissingen junior chamber of commerce, thanked the visitors for the informative tour and emphasized: "it is especially important for us, representatives of the young business community in the district, to get to know the various companies in the region better. Laboklin has undergone an impressive development in the years since its foundation. It is always interesting to see and understand what happens behind the scenes."