The bachelor 2018: the ex 'miss nurnberg' is among the candidates

The RTL format "the bachelor" is already in its eighth round. January 2018 there are nine new episodes of the TV show to watch, always on wednesdays at 20.15 o’clock. It’s still a secret who the coveted bachelor is that the candidates are fighting over. But we already know who are the 22 single women fighting for the heart of the bachelor in miami.

Pictures of: these are the candidates on the bachelor 2018

24-year-old janina, a fitness trainer and model from munich, is one of the 2018 participants in the RTL couples show. Two years ago, she not only won the miss bavaria competition, but also became miss nuremberg chosen. "I am an uncomplicated woman to fall in love with", says the 24-year-old self-confidently about herself.

Rosler's radiance is waning

Eckehard kiesewetter memmelsdorf/hausen – even rosler, a company that has been geared to growth rates, expansion and prosperity for years, is not immune to negative headlines. The surface technology company is cutting 100 jobs in its shot blasting division, as confirmed by the management on request. The workforce learned of the planned cutbacks at a works meeting last wednesday. More details to be announced in october.

According to FT research, around 100 employees will be made redundant, 80 of them directly in the blasting division (30 percent of the workforce in this division); a further 20 employees will be affected in departments related to the blasting division, for example in purchasing. According to reports, the staff reductions will only affect the memmelsdorf site.

It was communicated to the workforce that it might be possible to transfer some employees to the vibratory finishing division, but only "to a limited extent", says daniel hund, when asked about the planned job cuts. Hund is responsible for marketing and communications at rosler.

Even the ecstasy on the trembling south stand did not lure lucien favre out of his reserve.

While the fans loudly celebrated dortmund"s fourth fall championship and gave their favorite nuri sahin an ovation, the soccer coach enjoyed his team"s continued high-flying performance in his rather quiet way. "the fall championship doesn"t mean much to me," he commented following the 2-1 (2:1) win over werder bremen. The swiss evaded further questions about his team"s bright prospects with his usual restraint: "I don"t want to talk yet about whether we are in a position to win the title."

Although the lead of the bundesliga leaders, who are still unbeaten, over the second-placed team from monchengladbach grew to an impressive nine points, all those involved avoided making any declarations of war on the competition. "we"re ambitious, but we"re not trumpeting around," managing director hans-joachim watzke told ZDF television.

Annual general meeting RSG frankenhof-sonnefeld

everything remains the same at RSG frankenhof-sonnefeld.

A brief welcome was followed by the report of the 1. Board, as always a review of 2017 and a brief preview of the plans for the new year.
The RSG frankenhof hosted three successful outdoor tournaments in 2017, the first in april with jumping up to class L, in may up to class S** and in october again up to class M. These are planned again so in 2018, in april and october each with a day of dressage. The big may tournament is planned with jumping up to class S**, including competitions for the bavarian show jumping club, the bavarian pony cup, as well as competitions for the eggersmann cup and the coburg county championship. Like last year, clipmyhorse will be on site and will broadcast the competitions live on the internet.
Various dressage courses are also planned, as well as a training session on the 24th./25. March a jumping course with christian bruhl.
All dates and events can be viewed on the club’s website, which was also redesigned last year.
Also extra-sporting activities take place in sonnefeld, so two trips to the world cup tournaments in leipzig and stuttgart, also a canoe trip in franconian switzerland and at the end of the year still the winter hike, which led this year once around sonnefeld to the "bauersachs", here were ca. 90 participants counted. The trip to stuttgart and the winter hike are also in 2018 firmly in the program.
During the last year, an all-weather paddock was built on a part of the paddocks, which is to serve as a LWK parking area during the tournaments. In addition, the electricity connection was reinforced, the sales stand was rebuilt and extended, and a new refrigerated counter was purchased.
Here, wolfgang lehnert once again expressly thanked all the helpers and sponsors who had made all this possible.
The RSG frankenhof currently has 288 members. Of these 76 active tournament riders were evaluated for the club-internal ranking. The most successful rider among the juniors was lea gesslein, ahead of tina bauer, among the young riders selina weidmann took first place, and second place went to tina bauer. Place luisa rauschert.
The rating of the seniors/riders leads as for years unchallenged katja bruhl, followed by your husband christian on place 2 and antonia mueller on the 3. Place.

Eternally grateful to his parents

Before his morning training session, retin obasohan often takes a german lesson. He has installed a language course app on his smartphone, which he uses to study diligently. Earlier, the belgian with nigerian roots had been practicing farewell phrases: "see you tomorrow! See you later!", says the 26-year-old with a laugh. But he still can’t get complete sentences out of his mouth in german.

The newcomer to the bundesliga basketball team brose bamberg already lived in germany for a year. And not even far away from his current adopted home. In the 2017/18 season, the combo guard went basket hunting for the oettinger rockets in erfurt. He quickly became a crowd favorite there because of his athletic play and drive to the basket.

At baunach home game

Obasohan’s teammates at the time included daniel schmidt, andi obst and dino dizdarevic, who grew up in the brose junior program. Therefore bamberg is not an unknown city for him. "I used to come here with the boys. We also once watched a home game of the baunach team in proa. That’s when I saw louis olinde play for the first time", explains obasohan, for whom many of his current teammates were also no strangers. And he lists: "I met with nelson weidemann once in berlin. I played against bryce taylor and mo stuckey in the bundesliga. Michael carrera was on an opposing team when I was in college at alabama. Paris lee, coach roel moors and leo de rycke, of course, I know from antwerp. It’s a new team for me, but it has a lot of familiar faces."

Shining children’s eyes are probably guaranteed: anyone who sends their wish letter to the christ child at this year’s presseck christmas market will receive an answer directly from the christ child in himmelstadt before the holidays. With this innovation, the 14. Pressecker franconia forest christmas market on, which takes place on the coming second advent sunday of 11 to 18 o’clock in and around the sport home schutzenhaus.

Mail for himmelstadt

The local post office, headed by marie lorenz-hanel, will set up a post office at the market, where children can send their self-designed letters to the christ child to himmelstadt’s heavenly post office. This christmas branch in himmelstadt in lower franconia has already been in existence for 30 years, and will open on 1. Advent opened.

Every year, this mailroom is delighted to receive numerous wish lists from children all over germany. The letters are opened, read and, of course, answered there. Response letters are received in twelve different languages, the himmelstadt christ child has now become international.

Death of an oligarch: putin opponent Berezovsky found dead

Berezovsky’s body was found in the bathroom of his home near london on saturday morning, according to media reports. One family member spoke of a possible suicide, according to russian reports. Lord tim bell, a close friend of beresowski, confirmed the death news on saturday.

The thames valley police only announced that a 67-year-old man had been found dead in his apartment in ascot. The circumstances are unclear. The area around the house was widely cordoned off.

In 2000, the year putin came to power, berezovsky went into exile in great britain, where he was granted political asylum shortly afterwards. Since then, he had provided massive financial support to the russian opposition from abroad.

Coupling, securing, connecting

Eleven members of the zeitlofs and rupboden fire brigades successfully completed the "firefighting group" performance badge at the fire station in zeitlofs. To earn the badge, the floriansjunger had opted for construction variant 3, in which a room fire is assumed on the first floor. First, the individual tasks were assigned by lot, and depending on the performance level, various individual tasks such as knots, stitches and additional tasks relating to first aid, vehicle loading, hazardous materials and a questionnaire were required of the comrades.

During the subsequent exercise, the attacking team had to proceed under respiratory protection. The extinguishing water supply was built up by the water crew from an underground hydrant via the built-in fire pump of the HLF to the water distributor. This squad then had to equip and prepare itself as a safety squad under respiratory protection. The so-called hose squad set up traffic safety and then proceeded to fight the fire with the third jet pipe after receiving the order.

After the exercise, the firefighters had to demonstrate their skills by coupling a suction line. Within 160 seconds, four suction hoses had to be coupled and secured with fire department ropes. The suction line had to be connected to the fire pump and finally subjected to a dry suction test.

Conficastle: discovery tours at the castle

"Really cool", one confirmand thinks the conficastle was great, and another confirmee draws a positive conclusion: "it was really awesome", she writes in the guest book of the ymc bavaria "i would like to come again". Another finds above all "the band and the atmosphere great". The three confirmands from hammelburg sum up in words what most of their peers also feel. The four days at wernfels castle left a lasting impression.

For the first time, confirmation students from hammelburg, led by pastor robert augustin, attended a YMCA conficastle as part of their preparation for confirmation. The focus was on adventure, games, fellowship and youth-oriented proclamation. Under the motto "faithbook, relationship status changed?!?" they went in search of jesus and dealt with his "request for friendship to each and every one of them. And in the future workshop, they developed ideas for a community in which they want to be actively involved after confirmation.

Own band?!

Many of the 19 confirmands signaled their willingness and agreed on further meetings. Even concrete projects are envisaged. For example, they want to form a band, to arrange church services with modern songs, or even to develop and offer their own youth services in the michaels church. Drama, modern music and sermons that speak to the lives of young people with very concrete examples and experiences are at the top of the list for a church that is fit for the future from the point of view of the confirmation students.

Community living

community is also a central theme. Working in groups, they came up with a whole range of suggestions for joint activities. The desire to form such a community even after confirmation is great.

Because what community means, that becomes all too clear at the konficastle. Around 180 confirmands and around 60 employees formed a strong unit at wernfels castle in central franconia. The band "release date" proved to be a unifying element and constant driving force, they heated up with christian songs from the genres rock, metal and hip-hop. "Too loud" was that at best for the adult staff members?. And the band itself had no problem at all: "whether it’s chorals, metal or hip-hop, god certainly doesn’t look at the style of music used to worship, but at the heart attitude of the individual", bandleader jonas hammerbacher relies on the bible (1. Samuel 16, 7). How at all the musicians of "release date" even during the breaks, they told the interested confirmation students about their experiences with jesus. The spark jumped over to the young people from hammelburg.

Get to know jesus

experiences with jesus – there were enough of them at the konficastle. The young people collected these in community activities, during the workshops and the large-scale castle game as well as during the bible studies. The young people were intensively involved, among other things, in the "start in den tag" (start in the day) and at so-called "power-hours with striking bible passages.

It's hard to say goodbye to the christuskirche in forchheim

On sunday, 13. January, at 2 p.M. Renate topf celebrates her retirement from the christuskirche forchheim with a church service. It’s not easy for her.

FT: after more than eleven years as pastor of the christuskirche in forchheim, she is about to leave the church. What brought her into the service of the church?
Renate topf: when i returned with my family from our year-long stay in australia, i was faced with the decision about my own future course of action. I had not been able to continue my teaching position in australia so easily. After we moved back to forchheim in 1986, i decided to study theology in erlangen. I was 39 at the time.

FT: wasn’t it hard to get started at that age??
Renate topf:first i had to struggle through all three languages, but once that was done, i could tackle the state exam. I am clearly a late starter. There were difficulties with age, especially at the beginning of my career. It just wasn’t that common back then. I think that has changed until today. From september 2001, i worked half-time at the christuskirche in forchheim. It was my good fortune that I was offered this position. I have always been closely connected with the christus church. We already lived in the christuskirche parish area, and during my studies i was also active on the church board