Fewer emergencies, but a lot of training

At the service meeting, which was opened by mayor anja gebhardt, those responsible for the fire department looked back on a total of 6239 hours worked for the safety of the community and the population in the past year. "Even though there were fewer operations in 2019 than in 2018, the level of training and education in the community safety enterprise remained very high", said commander sebastian mueller.

To the 43 firefighters – all but five of the crew – the community leader said, "when I look at what’s been going on, I feel very well taken care of. Our fire department works perfectly. Thank you all."

The number of volunteer firefighters has been reduced by terminations of service or. The reaching of the legal age limit decreased. After a new entry the local institution consists at present of 48 women and men. With youth and children’s firefighters, the number amounts to 67 people between six and 61 years old.

At its most recent event, the sulzfelder kommunale liste addressed challenges posed by demographics and social developments. That goes out from a press release of the grouping. "We have hardly any food retailers left, banks are withdrawing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide for the elderly in the village.", according to mayoral candidate matthias dusel. Using various models and diagrams, dusel made clear that there are options for action.

"We can make age-appropriate living possible. We have initial concept ideas and construction possibilities. Therefore, we must now tackle it. Today, many can still rely on their family. But almost half of the people in sulzfeld are over 50, and many of them have no family in the town, so its summary according to report. The guest speaker from buchbrunn, mayor queck, encouraged the audience. In buchbrunn, the first steps towards day care have been taken and are making good progress. Ideas were also presented for intergenerational and voluntary support in the town. "After our events on the school and tourism in sulzfeld, this was another very interesting and successful round", matthias dusel was pleased, according to the press release.

Bad kissingen's little athletes are big

130 winners took part in the children’s run, an active program that framed the health days. So many girls and boys started on saturday morning at the hans-weib-sportpark as an entry into the 5. Bad kissingen rakoczy run. All were rewarded with a certificate and medal for their performance. The best of each starting group received prizes in kind.

It was cold and rainy, but the children aged three to ten didn’t mind. Some came in jogging pants, others already in their tracksuits. The kindergarten children even had a "corporate identity" uniform T-shirt was not only compulsory, but also showed which institution the young athletes came from. Bad bocklet was represented by 20 children, twelve from eltingshausen, 21 from winkels and the largest group from the garitz kindergartens.

Also taking part was lisa from the kindergarten on the lake, who warmed up professionally in the ice sports hall. The five-year-old had prepared with the others by running continuously every day, but was a little skeptical because of the strong competition
It was no different for sarah (four) from eltingshausen, who only wanted to talk about her training status and chances in the presence of her supervisor anna-lena koch (kindergarten teacher). It was a real training week, both said. As preparation, they had measured out a 400-meter distance that they had run with the children every day in the past. In addition, they had warmed up and stretched.

Eva-marie kleiss is a senior lecturer at the deutschhaus gymnasium in wurzburg, mother of two children and lives in dettelbach. To make homeschooling easier to improve, she offers on the youtube channel "super in english official" english lessons that are based on the textbooks.

Question: how did you come up with the idea of the youtube channel??

Eva-marie kleiss: I started just before the corona crisis, because I realized that I always had to repeat many things. In addition, english dictations, for example, can only be practiced with the help of the teacher. I can’t practice these enough in class. But my students wanted more opportunities to practice.

A wind farm is to be built near Messenfeld

The area west of messenfeld could be a suitable location for wind turbines, according to the regional plan of the government of upper franconia. On invitation of the municipality ebensfeld the company WSB projekt sud gmbh, located in bayreuth, presented the process and the realization of such a project.

Ebensfeld mayor bernhard storath (CSU) was pleased with the great interest in the event. With a clear majority of 17 votes to two, the local council had no objections to wind turbines west of messenfeld, but the decisive factor for such a project was the acceptance of the population.

Consequence of the nuclear phase-out