Eternally grateful to his parents

Before his morning training session, retin obasohan often takes a german lesson. He has installed a language course app on his smartphone, which he uses to study diligently. Earlier, the belgian with nigerian roots had been practicing farewell phrases: "see you tomorrow! See you later!", says the 26-year-old with a laugh. But he still can’t get complete sentences out of his mouth in german.

The newcomer to the bundesliga basketball team brose bamberg already lived in germany for a year. And not even far away from his current adopted home. In the 2017/18 season, the combo guard went basket hunting for the oettinger rockets in erfurt. He quickly became a crowd favorite there because of his athletic play and drive to the basket.

At baunach home game

Obasohan’s teammates at the time included daniel schmidt, andi obst and dino dizdarevic, who grew up in the brose junior program. Therefore bamberg is not an unknown city for him. "I used to come here with the boys. We also once watched a home game of the baunach team in proa. That’s when I saw louis olinde play for the first time", explains obasohan, for whom many of his current teammates were also no strangers. And he lists: "I met with nelson weidemann once in berlin. I played against bryce taylor and mo stuckey in the bundesliga. Michael carrera was on an opposing team when I was in college at alabama. Paris lee, coach roel moors and leo de rycke, of course, I know from antwerp. It’s a new team for me, but it has a lot of familiar faces."

Shining children’s eyes are probably guaranteed: anyone who sends their wish letter to the christ child at this year’s presseck christmas market will receive an answer directly from the christ child in himmelstadt before the holidays. With this innovation, the 14. Pressecker franconia forest christmas market on, which takes place on the coming second advent sunday of 11 to 18 o’clock in and around the sport home schutzenhaus.

Mail for himmelstadt

The local post office, headed by marie lorenz-hanel, will set up a post office at the market, where children can send their self-designed letters to the christ child to himmelstadt’s heavenly post office. This christmas branch in himmelstadt in lower franconia has already been in existence for 30 years, and will open on 1. Advent opened.

Every year, this mailroom is delighted to receive numerous wish lists from children all over germany. The letters are opened, read and, of course, answered there. Response letters are received in twelve different languages, the himmelstadt christ child has now become international.

Berlin Volleys become German champions for the fifth time

After a heart-stopping final, the berlin volleys have cemented the change of power in german volleyball. The team of australian coach mark lebedew defended their title at archrival vfb friedrichshafen and won the german championship for the fifth time.

With the razor-thin 3:2 (25:23, 25:22, 23:25, 22:25, 15:11) victory in front of 3300 spectators, berlin achieved the necessary third win in the best-of-five series in the fourth final – but the club almost squandered a 2:0 set lead. After the tingling summit meeting, however, the record champion from lake constance and coach stelian moculescu ended a season without a title for the first time since moculescu took office in 1997.

"I’m proud to represent berlin," said an overwhelmed lebedew. "We have made great advertising for our sport. We have fulfilled our mission," said a happy volleys manager kaweh niroomand. Moculescu, on the other hand, was fuming about the referee’s performance. The strong performance of the berliners, however, he acknowledged without envy. "Congratulations, they have dominated the whole season," said the 62-year-old, adding: "now I’m going on vacation."

In concrete terms, it was about projects of the integrated rural development (ile) "franconian margraviate and bishop’s land". Mayor stephan heckel-michel (CSU) had also invited ile manager annabelle ohla to the event.

At the beginning, willi kolb (SPD) failed with his motion to publicly discuss the rental agreement of the SKC folschnitz with a club. Only michael heisinger (rangen) votes with him.

Eight projects underway

According to annebelle ohla, eight projects are underway in the ile area. The network of core roads is slowly becoming concrete, and a planning office has already been called in to define the roads in question. Nature conservation and the water management office were also on board. Now it’s just a matter of prioritization.

This was by no means an undeserved counter for the table second last thiersheim, although it didn’t look like it at the beginning. A lively match developed on the slippery turf. The favored neudrossenfelders pushed the tempo and played one-way football. But when the guests came into position, then they aimed badly or found their master in keeper karnitzschky.

The game was turned upside down in the 24th minute. Minutes. After a corner ball siniawa headed in for the thiersheim lead. Shortly before the break, taubenreuther prevented the 2:0 when he cleared bartek’s shot on the line.

Thiersheim fought on doggedly after the break and put the brakes on the attacking fury of their upper franconian rivals. But after just over an hour, neudrossenfeld got the long overdue equalizer. In the process, diwersi took the lead twice. He first failed free standing at the foot of the local keeper karnitzschky, but got a second chance with the rebound, which he used for the equalizer. As lattermann in the 84. Minute sent the speedy diwersi on his way, vates took the guest attacker off his feet. Lattermann safely converted the penalty kick that was due.

The "petri heil 66" angling club ebenhausen, that is 43 active sport anglers, ten youth sport anglers and 64 passive members. Altogether 117 members, from whom to the christmas helferfest scarcely 100 members had appeared. Helpers’ and christmas parties have been going on for almost as long as the association, which was founded in 1966, held its first fish party the following year to fill its coffers.

In the meantime, the three-day fish festival with its large tent, fish specialties and grilled mackerel has become a fixed part of the market town’s annual program. "A ton of mackerel, grilled over a charcoal fire, is what we have planned again for next year, explained cashier ernst rudolf, who led through the program.

Michael jebberger as nicholas reported on the other highlights of the fishing year. And there was a lot to tell, since the ebenhausen anglers fish on three waters: on the saale near trimberg, they are allowed to use five kilometers of river, as well as on the wern, a small but clear trout water between hain and kronungen, and, for several years now, on the laaker lake near heidenfeld. This 5.4 hectare water with a rich stock of pike, pike-perch, carp, tench, bream and eels was bought by the club and this summer 16 trees were planted there. Due to the drought, these had to be watered daily, for which michael jebberger as nicholas and deputy chairman thanked the responsible persons.