Majority for new constitution in Egypt

However, opponents of the constitution prevailed in two provinces – including the capital cairo. The country is divided. According to forecasts, only one in three eligible voters took part in the popular vote. The second round follows in a week.

The opposition complained of numerous electoral law violations – and called for a repeat of the previous day’s vote. Eight groups complained sunday at a press conference in cairo that voters had been harassed with religious propaganda and observers had been prevented from entering polling stations. The director general of the cairo institute for human rights studies, bahai ed-din hassan, also pointed out that several polling stations had closed before the announced time.

On election day, there had also been several reports of intimidation of opposition members and christians by bearded men. In alexandria, according to the newspaper "al-ahram", salafists even took over the election supervision at a school and told voters to vote yes. Reports that 26 polling stations in four provinces were not supervised by judges as required were dismissed by the ministry of justice.

Unusual crowd in the audience at the meeting of the rannung city council. More than two dozen young people wanted to follow the discussion about the new construction of the planned farm building with youth center on the school and churchyard. They also learned that even smaller amounts are sometimes the subject of fierce wrangling. The issue at stake was the supply of tree-planting substrate for the plane trees on the square, which was rejected by a tie vote.

General perplexity

The company building the school and churchyard had submitted a supplementary bid for the supply and installation of 25 cubic meters of tree planting substrate for the planting areas on the square. Among other things, four plane trees are planned here. Including delivery and installation, it should cost 2557 euros. Only 20 cubic meters are expected to be needed at the site, but the minimum purchase quantity is the aforementioned 25 cubic meters. The rest should be stored at the building yard and used for future planting campaigns. Local councillor franz wolf (CSU-freie wahler), however, did not agree and referred to the ten euros he had paid per cubic meter. His colleague johannes beck (CSU-free voters) was surprised by this supplementary offer "because it was already clear from the beginning". Mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) agreed with him, because "it would have been nice if we had known about this in advance". In addition to franz wolf, four other councillors finally voted against the supply of the tree-planting substrate for 2557 euros, five councillors voted in favor. But the application was rejected. Afterwards, there was general perplexity in the municipal council.

In response to the mayor’s question on how to proceed, only franz wolf spoke up and referred to his substrate at ten euros per cubic meter. Fridolin zehner, however, said "it will stay like this until the inauguration", then the subject was settled. In response to a question from our newspaper, the mayor said the day after the meeting that the planting of the plane trees should have taken place this year, but was no longer possible. He wants to sit down now first of all with planner johannes hahn.

In the middle of last year, the municipal council had already unanimously instructed the mayor to conduct the purchase negotiations. These are largely completed. Decker signed the notarized purchase agreement with the german community deaconry association. Now only the municipal council has to approve the transaction.

For siegfried decker, the site is ideal for the further development of the community. On the one hand, there is the location of the site next to the school and the senior citizens’ residential park as well as the food markets. It can be approached from wirsberger strabe and schulstrabe.

Decker believes use for childcare is possible. At present is already the kinderhort “schlaufuchse” housed on the first floor of haus ruth. But a medical center, a building suitable for the disabled for outpatient assisted living or retirement communities are also conceivable.

"More than a decade before the politicians decided on the energy turnaround, the people of lichtenfels were already "in the thick of things", appreciated zeil. The energy turnaround cannot be achieved at summits in the chancellor’s office or in ministries, but can ultimately only succeed locally. And that includes taking the citizens along with us. One of these "pioneers shook the hand of the bavarian minister of economic affairs. Hendrik schmitt, a student at the pater lunkenbein school in ebensfeld, took one of the top places in the district’s energy promotion prize with his model of a combined heat and power plant. "I’ve never had a minister shake my hand before", says the twelve-year-old, visibly impressed. District administrator christian meibner (CSU) spoke of the district of lichtenfels as a motor of the energy turnaround and referred to projects that have already been implemented, such as the photovoltaic systems on the district building yard and the school buildings. He also emphasized that last year about 17 percent of the total electricity consumption in the district was produced by photovoltaic systems.
This year, 50 exhibitors presented their ideas for alternative energy generation, their products and services on the grounds of the district administration office on saturday. Among them are suppliers of the latest heating technologies, car dealers with electric vehicles, manufacturers of mini- and micro-cogeneration plants and innovative photovoltaic modules. About half of the exhibitors came, as in previous years, from the district of lichtenfels, which proves that the lichtenfels sun days are a trade fair from the region for the region. The limmer company has been involved since the start& sollner from altenkunstadt. What is the difference between then and now?? "In the first few years, there was more of an audience that just wanted to take a look around. Today, more people are really interested in the subject", reports walter limmer. Another advantage, he said, is that over the years networks have also been created between manufacturers, suppliers and local companies. The company for sanitary and heating technology is almost surrounded by suppliers in its sector. A cloud of smoke rises not far from limmer. Caused by those who always want to take a look at the pellet grill. "Then the grill thinks it has to add more pellets", michael werner from solarfocus explains. Only certain types of wood, such as cherry, maple or walnut, are suitable for barbecuing. Electromobility was a major topic at the exhibition. So far, there are twelve electric vehicles on the roads of the district. The eye-catcher on this saturday is clearly the roadster from tesla motors, which – although limited in number and really expensive – is represented twice. "It is fun to drive the car", martin greil from the district of erlangen explains when asked. The energy for the driving fun is provided by his home solar system on the roof, which is stored in the approximately 7000 lithium-ion batteries, such as those found in notebooks. The two-seater goes from zero to 100 mph in less than four seconds. "That however costs much river ", says greil. To take advantage of the range of about 300 kilometers, however, he prefers to drive at a more moderate pace. The roadster driver has never been stranded for lack of electricity, thanks to a sophisticated early-warning system and a reserve.
Besides the sun, the drumming group "feuer und flamme" (fire and flame) also heated up the atmosphere of the daycare center st. Anna of the welfare-educational center of the caritas to the visitors strongly one.
Around a thousand visitors are likely to have attended this year’s sun days to learn about alternative energy concepts.

Baumgartner's record: of water, schools and roads

Looking back, jurgen baumgartner is confident. For five years he has represented the constituency kronach/lichtenfels in the state parliament. The CSU deputy has hardly skipped a topic in these years, and has reaped both pats on the back and hostility for it. At the end of the election period, one thing is clear for him: "it’s like a soccer team: it was an excellent season."

Two universities in a legislative period to be promised, is not everyday, he calls one of the most obvious points of his work. For the region, he said, these educational institutions are of existential importance. Skilled workers would be trained locally and a technology transfer would be established. "Through this, we will make the jobs all safer", underlines the delegate.

And the second university in kronach after the finance university is to become an educational institution that is unparalleled in bavaria. "It will be a concept from the region for the region", promises baumgartner.

A good reputation precedes the new head coach

After a vacancy of half a year, the kitzingen school board is now fully staffed again. Gustav eirich, department director for schools at the government of lower franconia, officially introduced the new school board member veit burger into office. School district director kurt krause was pleased to have a man with a good reputation at his side.

Gustav eirich attested to burger’s broad experience as an experienced seminar leader and rector, and that he had proven his leadership and innovation potential. The man from the government spoke of an "ideal-typical progression into a successful career" for the 59-year-old. The pedagogue had chosen history as his main subject in his studies and later started his first school position as a trainee teacher in elsavatal in the district of aschaffenburg.

History expert

Via weibersbrunn and gerbrunn, the man from wurzburg later came to the elementary and middle school in hochberg, where he was principal until this year. The history expert previously held a teaching position at the institute of history at the university of wurzburg. Gustav eirich attested to veit burger’s expertise as well as his commitment and all the qualities that qualify him for responsibility in a school structure: "that’s why you are predestined for the position of school board member."

Today, saturday 23. June, the final concert of the early musical education with subsequent open day of the music school will take place in the rehearsal hall of the kups orchestra.
At 3 p.M. The final concert of the musical early education under the direction of julia bauer begins. Since the fall, the group of 16 children between the ages of four and six, together with their teacher, has been gaining insights into the world of music and musical instruments. There was a lot of dancing, singing and trying out. Visitors can look forward to a musical journey through time.

Test instruments

from 15.At 30 o’clock the instrument street is ready for the children and all visitors to try out the musical instruments. Experienced teachers will be happy to advise the children and their parents about the possibilities of making music. There is the possibility of individual lessons at the music school or playing in a brass class. From about 4 p.M. The pupil and youth orchestra kups under the direction of johannes piontek invites you to a small concert in the rehearsal home. The rehearsal center on the school grounds of the elementary and secondary school in kups is open to all interested parties until about 5 p.M. The musicians look forward to many interested visitors. Parking spaces are available on the school grounds of the elementary and middle school. The rehearsal home can be reached on foot via the playground of the middle building.

The town hall in the center of a celebration hour

The buchbrunn town hall was the center of attention at a celebration on sunday. The reason: it was not the building but its use that celebrated its 50th anniversary. Times. As mayor hermann queck explained in his festive speech, the former evangelische dorfschule was rebuilt from 1.8.Finally put into operation as the community’s town hall in 1967.

With the help of the buchbrunn history association, hermann queck discovered that there is a foundation stone from 1561 in the basement of the building. It can be seen from this that the schultheiss and the entire community rebuilt the building at that time.

For wilhelm erhard of the historical society, this is an indication that there may have been a similar school in the past. In 1589, the annals contain the first reference to the building’s use as a town hall. In the minutes of 1843 there is an agreement between the municipality and the evangelical school foundation about responsibility and maintenance costs.

At its most recent event, the sulzfelder kommunale liste addressed challenges posed by demographics and social developments. That goes out from a press release of the grouping. "We have hardly any food retailers left, banks are withdrawing, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide for the elderly in the village.", according to mayoral candidate matthias dusel. Using various models and diagrams, dusel made clear that there are options for action.

"We can make age-appropriate living possible. We have initial concept ideas and construction possibilities. Therefore, we must now tackle it. Today, many can still rely on their family. But almost half of the people in sulzfeld are over 50, and many of them have no family in the town, so its summary according to report. The guest speaker from buchbrunn, mayor queck, encouraged the audience. In buchbrunn, the first steps towards day care have been taken and are making good progress. Ideas were also presented for intergenerational and voluntary support in the town. "After our events on the school and tourism in sulzfeld, this was another very interesting and successful round", matthias dusel was pleased, according to the press release.

Eva-marie kleiss is a senior lecturer at the deutschhaus gymnasium in wurzburg, mother of two children and lives in dettelbach. To make homeschooling easier to improve, she offers on the youtube channel "super in english official" english lessons that are based on the textbooks.

Question: how did you come up with the idea of the youtube channel??

Eva-marie kleiss: I started just before the corona crisis, because I realized that I always had to repeat many things. In addition, english dictations, for example, can only be practiced with the help of the teacher. I can’t practice these enough in class. But my students wanted more opportunities to practice.