Even the ecstasy on the trembling south stand did not lure lucien favre out of his reserve.

While the fans loudly celebrated dortmund"s fourth fall championship and gave their favorite nuri sahin an ovation, the soccer coach enjoyed his team"s continued high-flying performance in his rather quiet way. "the fall championship doesn"t mean much to me," he commented following the 2-1 (2:1) win over werder bremen. The swiss evaded further questions about his team"s bright prospects with his usual restraint: "I don"t want to talk yet about whether we are in a position to win the title."

Although the lead of the bundesliga leaders, who are still unbeaten, over the second-placed team from monchengladbach grew to an impressive nine points, all those involved avoided making any declarations of war on the competition. "we"re ambitious, but we"re not trumpeting around," managing director hans-joachim watzke told ZDF television.

First course set after Lower Saxony election

SPD and CDU are expected to elect their parliamentary group leaders. Elections are not yet on the agenda for the FDP and the greens. The greens want to wait until the conclusion of coalition negotiations with the SPD, which are scheduled to start this week. SPD and greens gained a razor-thin one-mandate lead in sunday’s election.

Exactly when the social democrats and the greens will begin coalition negotiations was still unclear on the day after the election. "I’m very confident that things will get underway this week," said green party top candidate anja piel on monday evening at a meeting of her party’s executive committee.

Meanwhile, the defeated head of government david mcallister (CDU) wants to remain leader of his party. On monday evening, unlike before, he no longer ruled out the possibility of forming a coalition after the official end of his term of office – presumably on 19 january. February – to become CDU parliamentary group leader in the state parliament in the medium term. For the time being, however, this office should be assumed by bjorn thumler, he explained.

The new commander of the fire brigade is called Lukas Zwecker

To this year’s annual general meeting the chairman of the fire-brigade association tiemo sturzenberger welcomed beside mayor gotthard schlereth circle fire adviser benno metz, circle fire inspector thomas eyrich and circle fire chief torsten buechner the entire circle fire-brigade guidance. In addition to the election of the commander, honors were also on the agenda.

"The year 2019 has passed like in the flight", according to sturzenberger. Thus the fire-brigade took again the fire protection education examination with the third classes in the thulbatalschule off. After thorough preparation by active and passive comrades, all participants would have passed the exam. Over the whole year one had, together with katharina kaspar of the red cross readiness oberthulba, the training series ?Fire-brigade first aider? Carried out. After the first aid training, various topics such as the ABCDE scheme, resuscitation training, wound care, stroke and heart attack were practiced both theoretically and practically. The thanks of the chairman applied to the mayor, the local council, the local administration and not least the building yard. When it came to new acquisitions, retrofits or repairs, one had always met with open ears and support.

From the cash report of florian haas it was to be inferred that the association can look not least due to a hereditary case on a solid cash situation. The fire-brigade has at present 26 respirator carriers, 13 of it in the active service. The youth department consists of twelve members, the children’s fire department of seven. The young people have taken part in knowledge tests and first-aid courses. In addition one learned technical assistance as well as knots and stitches.

Fewer emergencies, but a lot of training

At the service meeting, which was opened by mayor anja gebhardt, those responsible for the fire department looked back on a total of 6239 hours worked for the safety of the community and the population in the past year. "Even though there were fewer operations in 2019 than in 2018, the level of training and education in the community safety enterprise remained very high", said commander sebastian mueller.

To the 43 firefighters – all but five of the crew – the community leader said, "when I look at what’s been going on, I feel very well taken care of. Our fire department works perfectly. Thank you all."

The number of volunteer firefighters has been reduced by terminations of service or. The reaching of the legal age limit decreased. After a new entry the local institution consists at present of 48 women and men. With youth and children’s firefighters, the number amounts to 67 people between six and 61 years old.