The city of bad kissingen had invited seniors from albertshausen and poppenroth to a pre-christmas celebration and almost 100 people accepted this invitation in the hall of the vogler inn and were rewarded with a beautiful and atmospheric advent celebration.

The parish council and the church administration of albertshausen took care of the guests. Many volunteers were on hand, helping in a supportive way.

Mayor kay blankenburg thanked the war generation for their achievements in the reconstruction of the town. That we are doing so well today is entirely due to them. Now it is the turn of the younger generation to give something back again. Take time for other people, live the community and maintain traditions. One concern was particularly important to him, namely not to overwhelm our traditions with anglicism. Speaking english is important today. But we don’t need santa claus as long as we have santa claus or st. Nicholas, blankenburg said. There is no need for merry christmas, as long as we wish each other a merry christmas and as long as the bells are ringing, there is no need for jingle bells. He wished all present still a contemplative advent time a beautiful christmas and much health in the new year.

The hard core has become small

There are countless examples of how demographic change is affecting the everyday lives of people in the villages of the district. One of them is the death of clubs. In zeitlofs, too, the ravages of time are gnawing away at the associations. What should have been a nice occasion for celebration is unfortunately overshadowed by melancholy. On the 130th anniversary of the singing club, which was an important part of village life, the club now consists of only a few villagers. Ten active men and women are exactly, but this is too little.
Herbert hartmann, treasurer of the association and a member for 50 years, is one of the remaining members. His father sang in the association, and so he also joined at the age of 16. The association means a lot to him. That’s why, in addition to his work in his own business, he is also actively involved in the preservation of the association.

Four voices no longer works

just under ten years ago, the membership structure still looked good. 27 members shows the picture from the year 2005, which hangs on the picture wall in the rehearsal room. Hartmann and chairman joachim goebel look wistfully at the pictures from the past. They enumerate: many members have passed away, quit for health reasons, or moved away. The rest "the hard core hartmann and goebel call the remaining, can no longer sing together, because the choir sings in four voices, and three men per voice are minimum. "The origin was a pure men’s choir, then also women sang along, and today we have a choir community with rupboden", says hartmann. For 25 years the singing associations rupboden and zeitlofs are now a choir community. Then they are about twice as many. And they rehearse weekly. In summer in zeitlofs and in winter in rupboden. "After the rehearsals we cultivate the sociability and go to a pub, because in zeitlofs itself there is none more", means goebel.

Further consolidation?

Goebel has been chairman for a year. His predecessor – werner spahn – was at the helm of the association for 32 years and had to stop for health reasons. "We are also missing the conductor, because he is ill", say the men. Sometimes adam reusch helps out as a substitute. But there was no solution. The next step would perhaps be a merger with robbach, hartmann and goebel speculate, but that would of course have to meet with approval from all sides.
Still to the on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the singing society, the then chairman was presented with the zelter plaque – an award for choral societies that have rendered outstanding services to the cultivation of choral music over many years. An honor for the club. But how is it to go on? Is the cultural heritage of the singing club sinking forever?? The new generation is missing, the age average with the remaining lies with approximately 70 years, hartmann estimates. "We are condemned to die", he says resignedly.

Bad kissingen's little athletes are big

130 winners took part in the children’s run, an active program that framed the health days. So many girls and boys started on saturday morning at the hans-weib-sportpark as an entry into the 5. Bad kissingen rakoczy run. All were rewarded with a certificate and medal for their performance. The best of each starting group received prizes in kind.

It was cold and rainy, but the children aged three to ten didn’t mind. Some came in jogging pants, others already in their tracksuits. The kindergarten children even had a "corporate identity" uniform T-shirt was not only compulsory, but also showed which institution the young athletes came from. Bad bocklet was represented by 20 children, twelve from eltingshausen, 21 from winkels and the largest group from the garitz kindergartens.

Also taking part was lisa from the kindergarten on the lake, who warmed up professionally in the ice sports hall. The five-year-old had prepared with the others by running continuously every day, but was a little skeptical because of the strong competition
It was no different for sarah (four) from eltingshausen, who only wanted to talk about her training status and chances in the presence of her supervisor anna-lena koch (kindergarten teacher). It was a real training week, both said. As preparation, they had measured out a 400-meter distance that they had run with the children every day in the past. In addition, they had warmed up and stretched.