Bastian schweinsteiger (20.) with his first international goal in 17 months, while mario gotze (22), who had been brought on as a disguised top player, scored a goal.) and thomas muller (74.) scored in front of around 25.000 spectators the goals on the artificial turf of the astana arena.

Already on tuesday it comes in nuremberg to the renewed duel with the only in the second half more courageously playing forward kasachen. The scorer schweinsteiger, who received his second yellow card in the competition and will have to miss the match due to a suspension, will be absent.

"At the break the game was already decided, in the second half we have taken the tempo out and no longer played so consistently. But I think we deserved to win here", low sums up a tense 90 minutes. "We had a hard time at the beginning because the kazakhs were very deep. There was little room to play sensibly offensively, admitted gotze. Schweinsteiger and muller had fun deciding who should be credited with the goal that made it 1-0. "Thomas touches it so that it goes in. Thomas always stands where the ball goes", said schweinsteiger whimsically.

Fidele Tante chases a burglar

Burglars have nothing to laugh about on aunt erna’s show, but viewers have a lot more to laugh about. Their merry trip to and their escape from the sanatorium becomes a criminalistic comedy, which brings the wasserndorfer amateur dramatic group in three acts on stage.

The sprightly and spirited aunt erna schneider witnesses a burglary during her escape from the sanatorium. Burglar and bar owner charly, faced with an empty safe, thinks erna has the money. Now the hunt begins for erna and for the lost loot, while erna hunts down the crook with the help of her ex-brother-in-law and her good friend otto, who happens to be a policeman.

The three-act play stars karin kohler, petra rutzel, frank ungurean, willi kohler, barbara bohn, ute wanner, klaus wanner, dieter schultheib, renate bohn (prompter) and dieter bohn (director).

More quality of life for asylum seekers

Beate zepf , who has been working for 20 years at caritas in the social service for refugees, knows the destinies. Like that of an iraqi family who came to forchheim in the spring with their two two- and three-year-old children and was accommodated in the shelter – all in one room! Of course, there are benefits in kind, such as daily meals, hygiene articles and clothing vouchers twice a year, as well as assistance for the sick, initial baby equipment and support for schoolchildren from the education package. But the so-called "pocket money for all the things you still need in life was scarce.

"Until now, a family had to make ends meet with about 120 euros for personal needs," explains beate zepf, tells the supervisor of the caritas. Despite the rising cost of living, nothing had changed since 1993 – until the federal constitutional court ruled on the matter this year in its decision of 18 december 2009. July the past benefit rates as evidently insufficient called and demanded these to the subsistence level to raise. Will mean on hartz 4 level. Uniformly, single adults now receive 346 euros (previously 224.97 euros) and young people from the beginning of 15 years of age. 271 euros instead of the previous 199 euros.

This applies to all asylum seekers who live in private apartments – which is more than half in bavaria. For people living in shared accommodation, including the asylum seekers in forchheimer jahn-strasse, the priority of benefits in kind still applies. However, they also benefit from the innovation: because the pocket money was also increased. "For example, for a head of household from about 40 to 134 euros so far", explains daniela schurf, press spokeswoman of the bavarian ministry of social affairs.

Kulmbach man cheated twice on drug purchases - and now sentenced

It was going to be big business: four young men collected 1300 euros once, 1600 euros the second time, in order to get hashish with it. The drug was to be sold for profit in the kulmbach area. But nothing came of it.

Now one of the men, a 24-year-old mechanic from the district, had to answer to the local court. If he got away with a year's probation in the end, it was mainly because he had made a confession.

Hashish in the waste garbage can

the defendant was the driver when the quartet left on 1. June 2016 set off in the direction of burgkunstadt. There the drug business should go over the stage. It was agreed with the dealer that he would deposit the hashish, wrapped in aluminum foil, in a wastebasket at a fast-food restaurant. The money was supposed to be hidden in an envelope there as well. 130 grams of hashish for 1300 euros, that was the deal.