The Sozialstation Sankt Hedwig is there to help in many cases

The "open day at the sozialstation sankt hedwig in eltmann can be described as a complete success. Numerous citizens came to get informed. And it became apparent that many visitors had a concrete need to talk about what services they could call on and how they could be helped with relatives in need of care in the family.

The social station st. St. Hedwig advertises with the motto "with the heart". First and foremost is advice, followed by care and help.

Some of the visitors came to keep in touch with a helpful institution that does a lot of good for citizens in the care of the sick and elderly, from basic care to treatment care. Of course, other visitors also learned about the other services such as help in the home, the rental of care aids or help in the home as well as the mobile social service. "It is so nice that you exist. Through this we experience a lot of help and at least now and then we have a relief in the care of our parents", it went over the lips of visitors again and again, as director ursula benke stressed.

A good internet connection is now considered a decisive competitive factor in the struggle for new residents and jobs, the influx of families and new companies. This topic was repeatedly on the agenda of the last langensendelbach municipal council meetings.

The question was how every household in the community could be connected to a fiber-optic line as quickly as possible.

To achieve this goal, a cooperation agreement was concluded between "deutsche glasfaser " and the municipality. This is the first step into the digital future, said mayor oswald siebenhaar when he was the first to sign the contract for a free fiber optic connection – for the town hall.

After the fire, neighbors help the victims

With information to the building fire in sailershausen of sunday evening the press office of the police headquarters lower franconia in peppering castle holds back also two days after the conflagration. Due to the high degree of destruction, it was difficult for fire investigators to make clear findings on the cause of the fire, explained the officer on duty on the phone. At the present time, there are no indications of negligent or even deliberate arson. Final statements were not yet possible, the investigation at the scene of the fire was ongoing.

Even as far as the amount of damage is concerned, no more than cautious estimates have been heard from the police. According to the press office, the initial estimate of damage was in the lower six-figure range, but current findings suggest that this is far from sufficient. The water damage to the half-timbered building is considerable, so that the official the damage in the meantime "certainly in the middle six-digit range" would settle, but that is very vague. Above all also because of the consultation with the insurance companies no more concrete data are possible.

According to the information provided by operations manager julia volpert of the hassfurt fire department, the alarm was raised at 19.38 o’clock on sunday evening received. Upon arrival, the first floriansjunger found the roof truss in full fire on. The problem: at the site of the fire, several buildings are virtually built on top of each other.