Chanel shows fashion with a hollywood touch

Despite the strict corona rules in paris, the fashion house chanel showed its collection for spring and summer 2021 in front of a real audience on tuesday in the french capital.

However, the luxury label had greatly reduced the number of its guests: only around 150 – instead of the usual 1500 – were invited to the grand palais. So it was unusually quiet this morning: no traffic chaos, no concert of horns and no crowds of people in front of the entrances. Among the celebrity guests were actress marion cotillard and model lily-rose depp – daughter of vanessa paradis and johnny depp.

On the runway, chanel showed sequined pantsuits, elegant tweed suits cinched at the waist, and feminine skirts in various lengths. Combined with jewelry and veil hairdressing, the looks were reminiscent of the style of a hollywood diva. Even the decoration – the chanel logo in the form of huge white illuminated letters – was reminiscent of the world-famous lettering in the hollywood hills. Creative director virginie viard also focuses on fresh, young creations for the coming year – some models wore bright neon colors, dresses with chanel prints and short bermuda or three-quarter pants.

Consumer protection: New travel law also brings disadvantages

The new travel law is a source of criticism. "The standard in germany was very high, mainly due to case law. Overall, the law means a deterioration for consumers," said felix methmann of the federation of german consumer organizations (vzbv) to the deutsche presse-agentur.

In addition methmann fears competition disadvantages for smaller and middle tour operators.

Background to the changes, which came into effect on 1. The EU package travel directive, which is to provide better protection for online bookings in particular, will come into force on 1 july. The legislator had a certain amount of leeway when it came to transposing the law into national law. "Day trips up to 500 euros as well as vacation homes and vacation apartments of tour operators no longer fall under the travel law", methmann criticized.

Even smarter: IFA focuses on networked technology

A super-slim notebook, a digital smoke detector and a dishwasher that shops for itself: at this year’s IFA, the focus will be on connected devices designed to make life easier and use less power.

Even smarter is the motto of the berlin trade show, which opens its doors to the public on friday and is starting this year with record numbers.

The number of exhibitors has increased by 13 percent compared to 2015, and the area has increased by 5 percent to about 158,000 square meters, according to the organizers on wednesday. IFA is traditionally seen as a source of inspiration for the industry. 35 percent of global sales are made in the last quarter of the year, said hans-joachim kamp, chairman of the supervisory board of the industry association gfu. The beginning of september is therefore the ideal time for the important industry trade show.

When the talk turns to the "fruit king is, then only wilhelm trautner can be meant, who has now celebrated his 90th birthday.Birthday celebrated. Even at this advanced age, the successful entrepreneur and former local politician presented himself as charming, quick-witted and amiable as usual, despite having successfully survived a serious operation just a few weeks ago.

Born in walkersbrunn, wilhelm trautner proved to be very determined at an early age and, after completing a commercial apprenticeship and taking part in the second world war, founded his own company in 1947. With carts pulled by cows, bicycles with auxiliary engines, wood carburetor cars and finally with his first 2.5 t opel blitz, he carried out his first fruit transports.

Trade with eastern europe

Police report: caught on car when turning off the road

While turning left from bahnhofstrabe into schonbornstrabe in wiesentheid, a motorist touched a ford transit waiting at the junction in schonbornstrabe on thursday afternoon. Damage: 3500 euro.

Black car flees after accident

On the stretch between burghochstadt and geiselwind on thursday evening, the driver of a black car went into the oncoming lane in a left-hand bend and touched the left wing mirror of an oncoming renault twingo. The driver of the black car drove on, leaving 100 euros worth of damage in his wake.

Car damaged in parking lot and driven away

In the course of thursday, the left side of a silver-colored golf was damaged in the gravel parking lot at bleichwasen in kitzingen. The damage amounts to about 1000 euros. The causer made off without leaving a message.

"Be careful, patrick, or i’ll beat you to death with all that iron jelly", calls lena. The nine-year-old starts, lifts a nondescript piece of iron into the air and throws it down with a flourish. There, her brother first takes cover, then he sticks the "projectile" in his large garbage bag. Cans, liquor bottles, packaging material, plastic toys, shards of glass and paper are already littering the soil.

It’s saturday afternoon, 14.30 o’clock at the winterleite in roblach. Lena, patrick and 15 other children and teenagers – divided into several groups and supported by eleven adults – are currently roaming through their hometown to rid it of trash and litter. Equipped with gloves, sturdy shoes and reflective protective jackets, they are out and about in very uncomfortable temperatures. The rain of the morning has made the ground slippery and therefore dangerous, it is cold and an icy wind is blowing in the faces of the boys and girls.

They had already discovered bottles, cigarette packets and foil at the side of the road. But what they have now found behind the bushes is a real shock to the public. Unknown persons have probably started a fire and burned the most impossible things in it – especially decorative objects and metal parts, as lena has just thrown to her brother.

Kohlschreiber plays for eighth final at usopen

Philipp kohlschreiber is still one win away from a possible duel with roger federer at the US open – provided the tennis top star, who has not been very convincing so far, also wins his third-round match.

The german davis cup player will face australian john millman at the grand slam tournament in new york on saturday for his first appearance in the last eight at the US open in three years.

Kohlschreiber starts his match at 11. Clock local time and would have to wait in the case of the victory for his next opponent still. Record-breaking grand slam winner federer takes on spain’s feliciano lopez in the evening program.

The diebacher advent market in the picturesque ambience of the kirchgaden and the wehrkirche tunes on saturday, 23., and sunday, 24. November, in preparation for the upcoming advent season. Again numerous exhibitors use the gaden. The kindergarten sells advent wreaths. The altar boys offer handicrafts and waffles. A coffee bar is set up in the parish hall.

Numerous attractions have the association diebach again in the program. The visit of the christ child on saturday at 17.30 o’clock should let the hearts of the smallest ones beat faster. The christ child, accompanied by two angels, will speak the prologue from the stairway of the fortified church, as it can be heard at the nuremberg christkindlesmarkt. Afterwards, he will read christmas stories in the wehrkirche and accept wishes.

The market opens its doors on saturday at 2 p.M. The brass band diebach takes over from 14.30 o’clock the musical opening with christmas melodies. Afterwards the brass class and youth brass band diebach, untererthal, obererthal let hear what they have learned. At 16.At 3 p.M., the diebacher kindergarten children will perform in the historic fortified church. At 17 o’clock tunes the choir "monday monday for christmas. Afterwards the "diebacher turmblaser" provide for advent atmosphere.

County honors deserving emergency workers

Following a now long-standing tradition, district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) recently honored proven firefighters from the entire erlangen-hochstadt district. For the first time, the paintings were presented in the winter garden of the "old fountain" during a stylish dinner in marloffstein, helpers from the technical relief organization and firefighters from the neighboring district of forchheim also honored.
As the district administrator emphasized in his speech, the event, which has so far been purely for firefighters, is to be turned into an evening of honor for all organizations from the "blue light family" in the future so that also here the always successful and harmonious co-operation with employments of all kinds comes to the expression. This year, however, the bavarian red cross had already honored him internally, so the premiere had to be postponed until next year.
With a detailed laudation, the honorary badge of the district of erlangen-hochstadt in silver and the corresponding certificate, tritthart, together with district fire chief matthias rocca, then honored the following firefighters, who had rendered outstanding services in their fire departments over years and decades: michael frank (FF zeckern), thomas kerschbaum (FF neuhaus), alfons maier (FF aisch), burkhardt niepelt (FF ober-mittel-untermembach), stefan sojka (FF frohnhof), manfred sperk (first responder baiersdorf), reinhard vogel (FF muhlhausen), jurgen vollner (FF hochstadt) and eduard walz (FF adlitz).
Even rarer is the award of the county’s badge of honor in gold: this year, rainer weber, the commander of the fire department of herzogenaurach, was honored with it.

A thank you to the neighboring district

tritthart and rocca presented the badge of honor to christian sailer and florian burkhardt from the district firefighters association forchheim for their active support in the introduction of an alerting program for the district’s executives, who have been kept up to date on all first and subsequent alerts of the fire departments in their own areas of responsibility since the beginning of the year by means of an app for the smartphone developed in the neighboring district of forchheim. This also highlighted the increasingly effective cooperation between the fire departments of the two counties, including at the management level. The district fire chief of the neighboring county, oliver flake, who was also invited, was therefore visibly pleased with the honorees.
On behalf of the state fire department association, alexander tritthart then pinned the honorary pin of the bavarian youth fire department on the uniform of bianca bier of the eschenau fire department. Together with the district administrator, michael haas, the local representative of the THW local association of baiersdorf, presented the honorary badge of the state of bavaria in silver and the honorary certificate of the bavarian state minister of the interior and integration, joachim herrmann, for 25 years of active service in the technical relief organization to stefan lippert and christian rohde, who have proven themselves over this long period of time in their specialist groups and as instructors, as well as in numerous operations at home and abroad.
A rather rare honor in fire department circles was bestowed on district fire chief christian buhl. For his tireless commitment in the fire department youth and the support group "local command" of the district as well as the perfect preparation of exercises to the disaster control for years the landrat distinguished him with the honorary medal of the district.
For their decades of service in the district fire brigade, rocca and tritthart then appointed the district fire brigade inspector a, who retired from the operations command service at the beginning of 2017. D. Hubert johna (hochstadt) appointed honorary district fire inspector. District fire chief a. D. Reiner kugler (hochstadt) received the certificate of appointment from the district as honorary district fire chief. In a lengthy laudatory speech, the district administrator recalled many of the honorary activities performed by the two tried-and-true leadership ranks of the district.
Stefan brunner

New technology illuminates old paintings with particular precision

With a new, gentle method, even the thinnest pigment layers on old paintings can be identified. This could, for example, help to verify the authenticity of works of art, writes a group led by david citrin of the georgia institute of technology in atlanta (georgia, u.S.A.) in the journal "scientific reports".

Using a combination of terahertz spectroscopy and a special mathematical method, researchers were able to determine the layered structure of a painting from the 17th century. Century determine. A german expert is impressed by the study.

"Pictures taken before the age of 18. The paintings, which were made in the nineteenth century, have been difficult to study because their layers of paint tend to be thin," citrin is quoted as saying in a release from his institute. In the case of the painting "madonna in preghiera" from the workshop of the italian master sassoferrato, the scientists discovered five layers: a base layer, a so-called imprimatura, an underpainting, the actual painting and a varnish layer. All layers were on average less than 0.2 millimeters thick, imprimatura, underpainting and varnish even less than 0.04 millimeters.