Police report: caught on car when turning off the road

Police report: caught on car when turning off the road

While turning left from bahnhofstrabe into schonbornstrabe in wiesentheid, a motorist touched a ford transit waiting at the junction in schonbornstrabe on thursday afternoon. Damage: 3500 euro.

Black car flees after accident

On the stretch between burghochstadt and geiselwind on thursday evening, the driver of a black car went into the oncoming lane in a left-hand bend and touched the left wing mirror of an oncoming renault twingo. The driver of the black car drove on, leaving 100 euros worth of damage in his wake.

Car damaged in parking lot and driven away

In the course of thursday, the left side of a silver-colored golf was damaged in the gravel parking lot at bleichwasen in kitzingen. The damage amounts to about 1000 euros. The causer made off without leaving a message.

Cellar compartment broken into

In the period from wednesday afternoon to thursday evening, an unknown person pried open the padlock of a cellar compartment of a present in the mainleite in marktbreit. He ransacked the place but left without any loot.

Hood scratched on car

In the course of the past week, a silver-colored BMW mini was scratched on the front left fender and hood in the gravel parking lot in kolpingstrabe in stadtschwarzach. Damage: 1000 euros.

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