“Fruit king” wilhelm trautner is 90

When the talk turns to the "fruit king is, then only wilhelm trautner can be meant, who has now celebrated his 90th birthday.Birthday celebrated. Even at this advanced age, the successful entrepreneur and former local politician presented himself as charming, quick-witted and amiable as usual, despite having successfully survived a serious operation just a few weeks ago.

Born in walkersbrunn, wilhelm trautner proved to be very determined at an early age and, after completing a commercial apprenticeship and taking part in the second world war, founded his own company in 1947. With carts pulled by cows, bicycles with auxiliary engines, wood carburetor cars and finally with his first 2.5 t opel blitz, he carried out his first fruit transports.

Trade with eastern europe

in search of new customers, especially in the field of industrial fruit processing, the company structure had to be expanded more and more. More modern technology and larger transporters as well as new fruit and storage halls have been purchased. In the 1970s, a new chapter in the company’s history was opened with business and trade relations with eastern europe.
This was also accompanied by an expansion of the assortment of stone and soft fruits in the direction of canned and prepared goods. The "willy" but by no means turned his back on franconian crops. The 65-year success story of wilhelm trautner has so far proved the sprightly fruit trautner right with his concept, whereby his daughter iris and his anni, who have been an indispensable support for him for 32 years, deserve a great deal of credit for this success.

Passionate politician

the other side of wilhelm trautner is his political commitment. From 1960 to 1976, the sprightly old man was a member of the municipal council of his then still independent home municipality of walkersbrunn. After that, he was local spokesman in the grafenberg city council until 1984 and finally city councillor for the fraction of the free voters until 1996. At the same time, trautner sat on the district council of forchheim from 1972 to 2000.
For his work in local politics for the good of franconian switzerland, he was awarded, among other things, the cross of merit on ribbon of the order of merit of the federal republic of germany in 1993 and five years later the municipal medal of merit in bronze.

When he was offered a glass of mineral water as a thirst quencher on the terrace, surrounded by his family, friends and five grandchildren, he simply said dryly: "just not too much of that water, I’d rather drink something else". As I said, a charming contemporary was not at a loss for wit on his honorary day either.

Congratulators from politics were landrat reinhardt glauber, mayor werner wolf and mdl thorsten glauber, pastor malte lippmann brought the congratulations of the church community.

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