Tree-planting substrate ensures equal votes

Unusual crowd in the audience at the meeting of the rannung city council. More than two dozen young people wanted to follow the discussion about the new construction of the planned farm building with youth center on the school and churchyard. They also learned that even smaller amounts are sometimes the subject of fierce wrangling. The issue at stake was the supply of tree-planting substrate for the plane trees on the square, which was rejected by a tie vote.

General perplexity

The company building the school and churchyard had submitted a supplementary bid for the supply and installation of 25 cubic meters of tree planting substrate for the planting areas on the square. Among other things, four plane trees are planned here. Including delivery and installation, it should cost 2557 euros. Only 20 cubic meters are expected to be needed at the site, but the minimum purchase quantity is the aforementioned 25 cubic meters. The rest should be stored at the building yard and used for future planting campaigns. Local councillor franz wolf (CSU-freie wahler), however, did not agree and referred to the ten euros he had paid per cubic meter. His colleague johannes beck (CSU-free voters) was surprised by this supplementary offer "because it was already clear from the beginning". Mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) agreed with him, because "it would have been nice if we had known about this in advance". In addition to franz wolf, four other councillors finally voted against the supply of the tree-planting substrate for 2557 euros, five councillors voted in favor. But the application was rejected. Afterwards, there was general perplexity in the municipal council.

In response to the mayor’s question on how to proceed, only franz wolf spoke up and referred to his substrate at ten euros per cubic meter. Fridolin zehner, however, said "it will stay like this until the inauguration", then the subject was settled. In response to a question from our newspaper, the mayor said the day after the meeting that the planting of the plane trees should have taken place this year, but was no longer possible. He wants to sit down now first of all with planner johannes hahn.

Youth center: full expansion with reservations

By contrast, the item on the agenda, "new construction of the utility building and youth club", went off completely smoothly over the stage. The building at the edge of the school and churchyard is to measure 18 by seven meters. In contrast to the plans from 2017, the attic is now to be expanded and divided into two rooms. It is to serve as a youth center. Originally, a smaller room on the first floor was intended for this purpose. The lower room will now be kept free for the time being. Youth rooms naturally need light and air. "Dormer windows are more beautiful in principle, but they also cost twice as much", said planner johannes hahn. He was finally given the task of incorporating the changes requested by the municipal council into the plans. "Should I put the shell or the full extension out to tender??", johannes hahn wanted to know. Mayor zehner and his deputy sybille buttner (rannunger burgerliste) pointed out that the young people themselves want to lend a hand and expand a few things. For this reason, the municipal council decided to put the full project out to tender, but to include the proviso that individual trades could be removed again. The draft resolution submitted to the municipal council expressly states that, because of the subsidy, further proceedings must be coordinated with the office for rural development. For this purpose, a building design with a cost calculation is to be prepared. The requirements of the subsidy notice must be observed. Since the building project was subject to approval, a building application had to be submitted. This item on the agenda was approved unanimously by the municipal council.

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