Theater group waldfenster thrills with two plays

Ten years have passed since a small group of amateur actors from waldfenster performed the one-act play "die verschwiegenheit" ("secrecy") made her stage debut. In the following year, the actors were already on stage three times during the theater season. And since then, it has also become a tradition in waldfenster to entertain the audience with two plays.

In the anniversary year, the theaterfreunde waldfenster provide the audience with the one-act play "otto spielt lotto", a comedy by erich A. Kleen, and the "battle feast at schmidt’s", a rural tale in three acts by roland lange, for an entertaining evening – laughing muscle ache guaranteed.

Six evenings sold out

80 more chairs than in previous years have been set up by the theater friends in the parish center, the actors’ domicile. But the demand was again so great that even with the extended offer, all fans of the waldfensterer were able to get hold of a ticket. The 196 seats for each of the six theater evenings on offer have been sold out for a long time. But even more performances couldn’t be offered, said christoph vierheilig, chairman of the theaterfreunde waldfenster at the premiere.

For the 30-strong troupe – 15 actors and the same number of people who make sure "everything runs smoothly" – has been working together for almost a quarter of a year, are almost a quarter of a year only with "theater" busy – an enormous amount of time for the people involved. Playing even more often was not feasible for various reasons, vierheilig asked for understanding.

"Where there is a murder, there is also a corpse, we have learned", sachselt (or speaks "zonisch"), as kiosk owner gisela said) gerhard schlereth alias commissioner stefan skilfully at the play "schlachtfest bei schmidt. It takes place in 1980, at the height of the crime series derrick. A retired couple from the big city, posh city dwellers, have set up their retirement home in idyllic waldfenster. But idyllic is not the word. A shot wakes them from their sleep and they are convinced that their "natives" have been killed neighbor someone was murdered.

No easy task for "derrick and "harry", who were called in by the pensioners to help solve the murder. In addition to the linguistic misunderstandings between the police officers and the schmidt family, the suspicions of the nosy kiosk owner gisela and the somewhat simple-minded neighbor ulla also contribute to all kinds of confusion – how could it be otherwise?. In addition to enthusiastic applause, there were also many compliments for the theater group: "you played very well".

Otto and the lottery win

the audience at the waldfenster theaterhaus (PGZ) also had a lot to laugh about during the comedy "otto spielt lotto". Pensioner otto bruns has 100.Won 000 euros, but doesn’t dream of giving his daughter-in-law ida any better financial support because of it. Or rather, the "suffkopp" can that not at all, because he lost the money in a poker game the night before to mr. Teuerkauf. To make matters worse, the typing slip that lawyer rumfub demands from the pensioner has also disappeared.Lawyer rumfub – with a pronounced speech impediment – is portrayed by klaus bollwein. He has been an enthusiastic spectator at the waldfensterer theatertage for years and convinced the audience of his acting talent for the first time on friday.

The actors:
slaughter at schmidt’s
butcher georg: thomas eckert
regine: manuela eckert
maike: nina heckelmann
grandma gertrud: christa heckelmann-wehner
gov. Dr. Zippel: andreas pfulb
woman zippel-turning hat: anita wehner
ulla: steffie schlereth
kiosk owner gisela: christa kliem
commissioner stefan: gerhard schlereth
criminal assistant kidney stone: thomas kropp
prompter: elisabeth wehner

otto plays lotto
lawyer rumfub: klaus bollwein
daughter-in-law ida: barbara heckelmann
her daughter bea: sabrina uebel
lottery sales office manager tatjana: margot eckert
pensioner otto bruns: ossy brandl
prompter: sigrid vierheilig

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