The whole city celebrates its guardian angel

Around 200 performers give their best three sundays a year in the performances of the "schutzfrau von munnerstadt". While some only spend a few minutes on or at the stage, others have to learn large roles by heart. All these amateur actors have one thing in common with the professionals: they can also forget their lines once in a while. As inconspicuously as possible, prompter dorothea hanshans then helps the actors back on track. While the actors on stage in their fancy costumes are admired by the audience, the prompter sits in an uncomfortable box. Nevertheless: "when I sit in my seat, I am fascinated by the play. And if someone plays really well, then I am also sometimes taken in", says dorothea hanshans.

Started as a dancing girl

she is a typical local player, started as a dancing girl at a young age. Dorothea hanshans was on stage as ottilia, helped out as the mayor’s wife appolone, as our lady and as susanne dietz, the spokeswoman for the rosary brotherhood. When she first entered the prompter’s booth" she doesn’t really know anymore if she has gone underground. But 20 years are certainly. She has been in the thick of things for years. "I have become very critical", says dorothea hanshans. She says if she didn’t like something.
The uncomfortable seat at the feet of the performers has become a matter of course for them. "I have my cushion with me, I sit on a board, and there’s plenty of room for my feet.", she means. They say she can play any role? "Oh yes", the answer is. She knows all the roles inside out, but she can’t play them all in terms of looks. Younger people are often in demand. Sometimes dorothea hanshans fears that she is perhaps being a little too critical. Bruno eckert, the chairman of the local community, sees things differently. He is full of praise. "The crucial thing about a prompter is that you can rely on her and that she is always one sentence ahead of you. It is also important that she – if someone has said something wrong – does not improve him, but brings him back into the role. "Dorothea hanshans does all this excellently", praises bruno eckert.

Cried snot and water

the decades-long local player knows what he’s talking about. Gladly he remembers bernhard mueller. The former prompter also knew every role, but had a problem: in really heartrending scenes, he was so moved that tears flowed. "He has blubbered snot and water", says bruno eckert. In such situations he knew: "if I forget my lines now, I’m screwed." nevertheless: "bernhard mueller was a very good prompter." yesterday, too, the home game went smoothly in front of 400 spectators. Not least thanks to dorothea hanshans. And this time the weather also played along. "The protection woman means it with munnerstadt gar well ?, it says in the piece.

View over the roofs of the city

due to the additional offers, many guests had flocked to the city. In the castle yard the small animal breeding association took care of the well-being of the guests. There, especially the children had their fun at a small animal show with petting zoo. Festivities at the oberes tor and at the rotkreuzhaus contributed to the success of the festival. The open stores, the market around the town hall and the original murschter flea market also attracted many visitors. Also a view over the roofs of the city was possible from the upper gate and the jorgentor.

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