The wehr showed flag

The Wehr showed flag

The wollbach fire brigade was alerted to 23 operations via the integrated control center last year. In addition to three fires, it was mainly technical assistance and traffic safety measures to which the floriansjunger were called. "Especially with oil spills we had to deal more often this year" complained commander thomas geiss during the general meeting and appealed with it to the responsibility and environmental consciousness of the population.

Daughter follows father

elections were also on the agenda. The 29 members voted unanimously in favor of natascha below as the new treasurer for six years. She took over the office of her father, erwin below, who gave up the office for time reasons. Even if this office remains in the family, chairwoman birgit below regretted that a voluntary report from the ranks of the members present failed to materialize despite several requests. "I’m glad my daughter agreed to take over; I would have preferred another appointment to maintain neutrality", so birgit below after the election.
Beside the cashier also four beisitzerposten for the coming three years were assigned. Birgit ebner was confirmed in office as representative of the active women. Assessor for the alumni is veronika zink. The supporting members are represented by district fire chief benno metz, the assessor position for the active men remains vacant for the time being. "As soon as a suitable candidate is found, we will immediately fill the position of assessor" said below.
Altogether the representatives of the wollbacher wehr participated in ten ceremonial events, in the circle bath kissingen and in the partner city wollbachs, ense bremen in the circle lippetal (NRW), continued birgit below. Also in this year the bavarian achievement badge for three active ones could be taken off in the context of a fire-brigade celebration in ense bremen.

All around successful celebration

highlight of the calendar of events was, as in previous years, the wollbacher kirmes in september 2015. This was held in cooperation with the brass association in the market burkardroth and was "an all-round successful celebration", emphasized birgit below. In addition to the festivities, the members of the fire department association attended other events such as the autumn market in burkardroth, where the campaign "women to the fire brigade" was presented, and the general meeting of the members of the fire department was presented, as well as the general meeting of the burkardroth wind band association, with which there is close cooperation due to the wollbacher kirmes.

Children’s fire department founded

the florianstag, which was celebrated with the anniversary "45 years of women in the wollbacher fire department" the first fire department was founded on the occasion of the first fire department meeting of the year. This is to inspire in the context of the new generation promotion also the smallest for the activity in the fire-brigade. At present the freiwillige fire-brigade wollbach has 151 members, of it 18 in the again created child fire-brigade, 33 active, 56 passive and 44 promoting members.
Awards were also on the agenda. Nine members were honored for their services and many years of association loyalty. The association badge in bronze was awarded to marina below for 14 years, sebastian schneider and stefan kessler for 17 years of membership. The silver club badge went to the new treasurer natascha below for ten years, commander thomas geiss for 17 years and vice chairwoman monika brandl for 23 years, including ten years on the board.

Very special honors

three special awards were presented this year with the award of the rare golden badge with oak leaves and an honorary membership. The golden badge with oak leaves received heribert kessler (44 years association loyalty), of it 13 years in the executive committee, as well as josef kirchner for 50 years, of it ten years active executive committee activity. "Without you seniors nothing runs here. You are very important for us", birgit below commented on the achievements of the last two honorees.
For 42 years of membership, including 40 years on the board and for the special recognition of his services to the wollbacher fire department, district fire chief benno metz was named an honorary member. "Benno, you were and are always a good advisor to us and are now also the first contact person for our supporting members", thanked the chairwoman.

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