The veterinary emergency service in the kulmbach area is secured

The veterinary emergency service in the Kulmbach area is secured

A workday just before midnight: the dog keeps throwing up and seems sick. Or also: the rabbit lies completely apathetic in its cage and does not like to eat. What to do?

Until now, the veterinary clinic in stadtsteinach has been a reliable contact in such cases, available around the clock.

Recently this is different. "Unfortunately, we have to inform you that due to a massive staff shortage, we will not be able to offer night services until further notice. On sundays and holidays, we continue to be available for you during the day" it is called on the internet side of the hospital.

No one wants to go to upper franconia

Those who ask at the clinic learn that it is currently almost impossible to recruit veterinarians to work with them. "We have been looking for two years", says ingo schmoldt, chief physician and gschaftsfuhrer of the animal hospital. Without success. There are too few young veterinarians, and of the few, hardly anyone is drawn to upper franconia – even though, as schmoldt assures us, the working conditions here are good: "above-average pay, regular free time, and a good working environment…"

As long as this is the case and his team consists of only five veterinarians instead of seven two years ago, it will no longer be possible to guarantee a night service. "As soon as we find two vets, we will resume the night service."

Community action

The good news: starting in january, animal owners will still have a contact person even at night. Veterinarians from the kulmbach district have joined forces and now guarantee an emergency service in turn. Start is at the 1. January; from this day on there will be a uniform emergency number (see below), under which the respective veterinarian on duty can be reached.

"So we can ensure that someone is always available if an animal suddenly becomes ill", says christine kammerer. The mainleuserin coordinated together with further colleagues the new emergency call system and takes over naturally also regular ready services.

The veterinarians bernd volpert (kulmbach), iris schroppel (kulmbach), jutta lindner (kulmbach), ingo schmoldt from the veterinary clinic in stadtsteinach, the team from the veterinary practice in wonsees, the veterinary practice grimm and mytzka from himmelkron, as well as the veterinarians sonja buttner and bernd rottcher (both kulmbach) were also present.

What do pet owners need to know about the new system? The emergency call system is limited to the kulmbach district; as a rule, patients come to the respective practice, home visits are only possible in exceptional cases. Invoicing is done via the respective emergency service practice – in accordance with the fee schedule at double the rate plus an emergency service flat rate of 50 euros.

The animal protection association kulmbach was also informed about the end of the previous night service. Animal shelter manager carina wittmann knows from her own day-to-day work that animal welfare workers have sometimes had to call on the services of the stadtsteinach clinic outside of regular hours when it was literally a matter of life and death, especially because of cats that had been hit by cars. "It is very welcome that the veterinarians have agreed to maintain this part of the coverage."

Veterinary emergency service from 1. January on weekdays from 23 o’clock and on weekends and holidays from 18 o’clock attainable under 0151/53505843. The emergency number is published starting from january also daily on the service side of the bavarian round-look.

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