The sozialstation sankt hedwig is there to help in many cases

The Sozialstation Sankt Hedwig is there to help in many cases

The "open day at the sozialstation sankt hedwig in eltmann can be described as a complete success. Numerous citizens came to get informed. And it became apparent that many visitors had a concrete need to talk about what services they could call on and how they could be helped with relatives in need of care in the family.

The social station st. St. Hedwig advertises with the motto "with the heart". First and foremost is advice, followed by care and help.

Some of the visitors came to keep in touch with a helpful institution that does a lot of good for citizens in the care of the sick and elderly, from basic care to treatment care. Of course, other visitors also learned about the other services such as help in the home, the rental of care aids or help in the home as well as the mobile social service. "It is so nice that you exist. Through this we experience a lot of help and at least now and then we have a relief in the care of our parents", it went over the lips of visitors again and again, as director ursula benke stressed.

She just spoke with a young woman who had come with her 83-year-old mother to show her the facility and the rooms for the "care relief day" to show. "I have been looking after my mother for a year now and it is extremely exhausting. That’s why we think about it and it would be a big help for us if we could bring our mother here at least from time to time. It would be a relief for us, a possibility to take a break and on the other hand it would be good for our mother, because she would be able to talk to her peers."

Specialists as well as care assistants are available in the social station. "So far already on tuesday and thursday a care offer could be used, but now we want to extend this offer on six hours per day from monday to friday. If there is a corresponding demand, this could even be extended to the weekend", ursula benke took a look into the future. The "menu service" also met with great approval, with which the users are obviously very satisfied. Customers have a choice of three menus, and the "menu courier" brings the meal into the house. The delivery vehicle is equipped with two ovens in which the "flash-frozen food" is prepared is cooked and comes freshly as from the furnace on the table, as it was called. Currently, just under 50 meals are delivered per day.

For the individual case

Of course the visitors informed also about the remaining offers such as the "house emergency call", had their blood pressure and blood glucose levels measured or took advantage of the consultation for very individual help. In individual cases, fixed consultation appointments were also made to solve a family problem.

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