The new market king is stefan mertel

the new market king is stefan mertel

The idea of the protectors "to bring together the clubs of the entire community for a sporting competition in order to strengthen the feeling of togetherness", has become a success.
"39 starting teams of four from 19 associations are a very good result", emphasizes wunner. "But there may well be more, especially in view of the youth teams, where this year and last year only the trombone choir entered a team. Because especially with the new generation there is the chance to signal that youth work in the local clubs is capitalized and intensively pursued."
Wunner is also pleased that the annual comparative shootings are also good for the shooting society. "We have gained a few new members as a result. Apart from that, new members – and from far away – join us because the camaraderie in the association is good."
This year, stefan mertel (reservistenkameradschaft wartenfels) won the title of the new market king. The 40-year-old lehenthaler relegated angelika geibler and michael heinisch (small animal breeding club) to the places.
The club with the most participants was TSV presseck with five teams. In the youth category, the presseck trombone choir was unrivaled and once again entered the winners’ list with 263 points. In the women’s competition, the women of the freie wahler won the trophy with 345 points. The small animal breeding association came in second with 329 points. Third place went to the TSV gymnastics ladies with 316 points. With a very good 343 points, the wartenfels reservist comradeship dominated the men’s competition, in which 26 teams participated. With 337 points, the SPD presseck won second place ahead of the independent voters (336 points).
Shooting sports director jonas sigmund distributed the prizes. The honorary target went to frank heinisch (small animal breeding club) with 44 points. Second place went to karin tempel (gymnastik ATS wartenfels), ahead of third place raphael heinz (posaunenchor presseck jugend), who tied on points. The best low shot was set by matthias sesselmann (young union) with a 35-piece score, ahead of katharina farber (gymnastics ATS wartenfels) and stefan villa (young union) with a 47-piece score. The best overall result was achieved with 113 points by regina knarr (TSV gymnastics ladies) ahead of lisa sigmund (111 points) and ralf schott (108 points, both from the independent voters).

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