Signal of hope at the ymca rentweinsdorf after the corona

"Corona has not done us any good." thus described chairman martin long with the meeting of the members of the YMCA rentweinsdorf ebern on friday the effects of pandemie and restrictions on the association life. He spoke of isolation and lamented the lack of community. He was all the more pleased that the long-delayed meeting could now take place and that the main committee could be newly elected.

Happy to make room for children

However, the unusual place of the meeting had nothing to do with corona: because in the YMCA house since 1. September preschool children of the rentweinsdorfer daycare center "budenzauber" are accommodated, the YMCA members were in the firefighters training room in the city hall together. "I am pleased that we were able to accommodate the children," said lang, the YMCA is also for young people, and there are still uses for the club.

Background: the kindergarten emergency group in the old vocational school in ebern had to move out, at the same time it was foreseeable that the new building of the kindergarten will not be ready by september 2021. Therefore, the market town rentweinsdorf has rented the large hall in the YMCA house, among other things. The association can continue to use some rooms and move free of charge into the fire department training room and the community center. "So the YMCA work can still continue with certain restrictions," said the chairman . Mayor steffen kropp expressed his gratitude: "without you, the kindergarten would not be complete in rentweinsdorf."The use for the preschool children is planned until december 2022, but most likely the new building will be finished earlier.

Chairman re-elected

In the elections, martin lang was confirmed as chairman, as was gerhard schmidt as his deputy. The new treasurer is wilfried elflein, the new assessors are rebekka fischer and sabrina baier. Lang appreciated the commitment of the longtime treasurer gerd bogendorfer as well as the assessors sonja batz and isabel horn. All three had not run again.

Seven under 18

In the future, dieter horn will audit the cash register together with ursula kreyer. In addition, matthias horn was appointed as an active member during the meeting. The association currently has a total of 114 members, seven of whom are under the age of 18.

The somewhat longer review of the chairman began with the activities 2019, the year before corona – and a very different time. This impression was underlined among other things by pictures of the YMCA whitsun meeting in bobengrun with the many visitors, who followed the program sitting closely together. With wistfulness martin long remembered also so far the last boys jungenscharzeltlager before well two years. Just possible had been the youth week "jesushouse" in the festival stable sendelbach in the middle of march 2020. Also the church services in the YMCA garden in june could take place last year and this year. Another highlight in 2021: the construction of a standing seesaw in the garden in spring. 80 percent subsidy had been given for it from funds of the baunach alliance ( regional funding ). Among the meetings that had been canceled due to the corona restrictions were staff retreats and circles and men’s evenings. The two jungschar groups in rentweinsdorf and ebern could only be offered to a limited extent. Jeremy vernon has been involved in the youth group in ebern even after his work as YMCA youth secretary ends in august 2020. Emphasis in the view of martin lang for 2022 were the christival in erfurt at the end of may, pentecost in bobengrun at the beginning of june and the service in the YMCA garden on the 10. July.

The meeting began with a devotion by pastor gerhard barfub about angels as messengers of god.

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