Rosler’s radiance is waning

Rosler's radiance is waning

Eckehard kiesewetter memmelsdorf/hausen – even rosler, a company that has been geared to growth rates, expansion and prosperity for years, is not immune to negative headlines. The surface technology company is cutting 100 jobs in its shot blasting division, as confirmed by the management on request. The workforce learned of the planned cutbacks at a works meeting last wednesday. More details to be announced in october.

According to FT research, around 100 employees will be made redundant, 80 of them directly in the blasting division (30 percent of the workforce in this division); a further 20 employees will be affected in departments related to the blasting division, for example in purchasing. According to reports, the staff reductions will only affect the memmelsdorf site.

It was communicated to the workforce that it might be possible to transfer some employees to the vibratory finishing division, but only "to a limited extent", says daniel hund, when asked about the planned job cuts. Hund is responsible for marketing and communications at rosler.

The planned step is justified by a "fundamental strategic realignment of the beam technology business unit" and the "currently tense economic environment".

In the future, rosler intends to position itself in the beam technology division "essentially as a specialist supplier for automation projects and large-scale interlinking, and no longer as a supplier of simple standard systems in a price-intensive environment". Here, the company is competing with a large number of eastern european and asian competitors, which is not economically viable in the long term.

In recent years, the company had reported high capacity utilization and increased sales in the area of beam technology. 2017 saw the "highest order intake in the history of the division" the speech.

In the field of vibratory finishing technology, the company is currently recording "despite the tense economic situation – good to satisfactory order intake. The strategic realignment therefore does not affect this division, nor does it affect the newly established "AM solutions", relying on the finishing of 3D-printed workpieces. All current and planned investments in memmelsdorf and hausen will be maintained.

"The staff reduction", company management assures this newspaper "will be done through socially responsible measures". They are to be completed by march 2020. The employees affected will be informed in good time.

This day X is expected at the memmelsdorf site like a threat. This is made clear, even if the workforce shies away from questions from the press. At rosler there is neither a collective bargaining agreement nor a works council. Uncertainty prevails since the works meeting. Plant employees describe the mood as "depressed" and "strained.

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