Praise for the pioneers of the energy turnaround

"More than a decade before the politicians decided on the energy turnaround, the people of lichtenfels were already "in the thick of things", appreciated zeil. The energy turnaround cannot be achieved at summits in the chancellor’s office or in ministries, but can ultimately only succeed locally. And that includes taking the citizens along with us. One of these "pioneers shook the hand of the bavarian minister of economic affairs. Hendrik schmitt, a student at the pater lunkenbein school in ebensfeld, took one of the top places in the district’s energy promotion prize with his model of a combined heat and power plant. "I’ve never had a minister shake my hand before", says the twelve-year-old, visibly impressed. District administrator christian meibner (CSU) spoke of the district of lichtenfels as a motor of the energy turnaround and referred to projects that have already been implemented, such as the photovoltaic systems on the district building yard and the school buildings. He also emphasized that last year about 17 percent of the total electricity consumption in the district was produced by photovoltaic systems.
This year, 50 exhibitors presented their ideas for alternative energy generation, their products and services on the grounds of the district administration office on saturday. Among them are suppliers of the latest heating technologies, car dealers with electric vehicles, manufacturers of mini- and micro-cogeneration plants and innovative photovoltaic modules. About half of the exhibitors came, as in previous years, from the district of lichtenfels, which proves that the lichtenfels sun days are a trade fair from the region for the region. The limmer company has been involved since the start& sollner from altenkunstadt. What is the difference between then and now?? "In the first few years, there was more of an audience that just wanted to take a look around. Today, more people are really interested in the subject", reports walter limmer. Another advantage, he said, is that over the years networks have also been created between manufacturers, suppliers and local companies. The company for sanitary and heating technology is almost surrounded by suppliers in its sector. A cloud of smoke rises not far from limmer. Caused by those who always want to take a look at the pellet grill. "Then the grill thinks it has to add more pellets", michael werner from solarfocus explains. Only certain types of wood, such as cherry, maple or walnut, are suitable for barbecuing. Electromobility was a major topic at the exhibition. So far, there are twelve electric vehicles on the roads of the district. The eye-catcher on this saturday is clearly the roadster from tesla motors, which – although limited in number and really expensive – is represented twice. "It is fun to drive the car", martin greil from the district of erlangen explains when asked. The energy for the driving fun is provided by his home solar system on the roof, which is stored in the approximately 7000 lithium-ion batteries, such as those found in notebooks. The two-seater goes from zero to 100 mph in less than four seconds. "That however costs much river ", says greil. To take advantage of the range of about 300 kilometers, however, he prefers to drive at a more moderate pace. The roadster driver has never been stranded for lack of electricity, thanks to a sophisticated early-warning system and a reserve.
Besides the sun, the drumming group "feuer und flamme" (fire and flame) also heated up the atmosphere of the daycare center st. Anna of the welfare-educational center of the caritas to the visitors strongly one.
Around a thousand visitors are likely to have attended this year’s sun days to learn about alternative energy concepts.

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