Orchestras want to convince of the versatility of the accordion

orchestras want to convince of the versatility of the accordion

In 2014, the audience was already able to enjoy the project concert "accordion meets gershwin" convince of the versatility of the accordion. The idea of another joint concert by the orchestras from herzogenaurach, bayreuth and nuremberg-schwabach came up after the great success already then. After five years, the time has come. In preparation for the new concert series, the three orchestras recently met at the bildungshaus obertrubach to work on the joint pieces, according to a press report from the herzogenaurach ensemble. Under the direction of the national conductor of the german harmonica association, stefan hippe, the pieces were rehearsed, among others also the clarinet concerto nr. 3 by carl stamitz. The premiere will take place at the concert "accordion meets classical music" in herzogenaurach. Roland baumann, who also leads the accordion orchestra herzogenaurach, is the soloist on the clarinet.

After two days of intensive rehearsal work, the project orchestra is now well prepared for the upcoming concerts. Dates for this are: sunday, 6. October, at 5 p.M. (admission from 16.30 p.M.) at the evangelical church in herzogenaurach (advance ticket sales at bucher, medien und mehr in herzogenaurach and at buchers hofladen in hammerbach), saturday, 26. October, at the markgrafensaal schwabach and sunday, 27. October, at the margravial opera house bayreuth.

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