May spokesman: eu free movement of persons ends in march 2019

May spokesman: EU free movement of persons ends in march 2019

A spokesman for british prime minister theresa may has contradicted reports of a temporary retention of free movement of workers after brexit. "The free movement of people will come to an end in march 2019," the spokesman said.

There will be new regulations and a registration system for eu immigrants after eu exit, he said. To speculate on the details would be a mistake. The prime minister’s position on this has not changed since her keynote speech on brexit in january, the spokesman said.

A transitional solution of some kind for the time after brexit is therefore not ruled out, according to a statement made to the german press agency at the government’s headquarters in downing street. EU free movement rules state that citizens of EU countries can work in any other country in the union.

The statement from the government’s downing street headquarters comes after members of may’s government made contradictory statements on the issue in recent days. The prime minister is currently on vacation.

Initially, the media had reported that chancellor of the exchequer philip hammond had prevailed with his demand that the free movement of workers be maintained for a period of several years. Shortly afterwards, trade minister liam fox had gone public. A continuation of free movement of people is not in the spirit of last year’s brexit vote, he contradicted his cabinet colleague.

In a guest article in the "financial times" a few days ago, home secretary amber rudd gave businesses and eu citizens hope that there would be no abrupt end to the current immigration regulations.

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