Hetzles against urban sprawl

The hetzles municipal council discussed in great detail the application for a development statute for a plot of land called "zum streitbaum". Already in september 2019, the committee had held out the prospect of a land-use plan to the developer. A preliminary inquiry at the district office forchheim resulted in the fact that not only the partial property of the developer, but also the adjacent property in front of it must be included for a closed development.

The developer reached an agreement with this owner. However, the issue of access to the area is very problematic: from a traffic point of view, the building plots can only be reached via an access road over municipal land with a length of up to eight meters to the existing road.

Another problem is the sewage disposal . Because the next shaft is 28 meters away from the rear construction site. Here, the existing sewer for a single property would have to be continued at considerable cost. In addition, the property is located in the immediate vicinity of a biotope at the rear edge of the village of hetzles. The approach and access traffic must move through the entire village. Also because of the offset to the road, according to mayor michael bayer (BBH), the individual development and overplanning of the two building plots compared to a small residential area is uneconomical. The construction administration therefore considers the planned location for residential and commercial projects unsuitable for urban planning reasons.

What is a einbeziehungssatzung?

Robert dworschak from the bamberg office for urban development and urban land use planning advocated a positive decision in principle by the councillors, even if a landowner showed no willingness to build in the coming years. The planner further pointed out that a compensation area of 1068 square meters would be provided for the construction area. Mayor bayer explained above all to the newly elected councillors the advantage of the einbeziehungssatzung, with which one makes in a simple way the external area to the internal area. Thus farmland becomes building land . Whether one wants an urban sprawl and disorderly development in the municipality and a continuation ever closer to the hetzleser mountain, asked themselves some local councils . If one makes a positive basic decision, one does not create then desires for further property owners?

But there was also approval for the builder and understanding for the desire to build. Finally the environmental thought and the preservation of nature at the local edge of hetzles were decisive for the refusal of the einbeziehungssatzung.

The application for the plot numbers 996 and 994 was rejected by a majority against six votes.

Contracts awarded for kindergarten

The community council agreed to the presented outdoor facility plans of the daycare center hetzles by the architectural office lorenz. Further the committee assigned the achievement phases 5 to 9 in the fee zone III to the office lorenz at the price of 49 374 euro.

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