Expansion width of the core roads causes debate in the kodnitz municipal council

In concrete terms, it was about projects of the integrated rural development (ile) "franconian margraviate and bishop’s land". Mayor stephan heckel-michel (CSU) had also invited ile manager annabelle ohla to the event.

At the beginning, willi kolb (SPD) failed with his motion to publicly discuss the rental agreement of the SKC folschnitz with a club. Only michael heisinger (rangen) votes with him.

Eight projects underway

According to annebelle ohla, eight projects are underway in the ile area. The network of core roads is slowly becoming concrete, and a planning office has already been called in to define the roads in question. Nature conservation and the water management office were also on board. Now it’s just a matter of prioritization.

Mayor stephan heckel-michel pointed out that three paths have been proposed in the municipal area of kodnitz, namely from kauerndorf to muhlberg, from kodnitz to reuth and from kodnitz via reisighof to the animal home. The task of the planning office is now to check the feasibility of the project. At the latest, the necessary land acquisition will probably meet with resistance, because a core path must have a minimum width of 3.50 meters, and together with the verges on both sides and a drainage ditch, there is even a development width of 8 meters.50 to nine meters. These requirements are a major obstacle, according to heckel-michel.

"I am at a loss for words"

"We want to focus on ecology, but there are no words for me. This is an extreme encroachment on nature, everything hurts me", said michael heisinger. There was either a monster solution or no. "These are utopian ideas, I do not go along with it."

Reinhard kortschack , frank eschenbacher (rangen) and willi kolb were of the opinion that the vehicles in the agricultural sector demanded a minimum width of 3.50 meters. Proper drainage ditches are just as necessary. Anita sack asked to take the time again to take a closer look at these three core paths and only then make a decision.

The municipal council agreed to discuss the developed network of core paths with the BBV local chiefs and the farmers concerned. This is to be implemented at the 7. November at 19.30 o’clock in the hall of the SKC sport home take place.

Waiting for the funding decision

Willi kolb criticized the fact that the concept for the precipitation runoff model is still a long time coming. The ile manager annabelle ohla reported that the 300,000 euros for the project had already been approved internally and that the company was only waiting for the funding decision.

About the "bergweg" construction project stephan heckel-michel reported that the base course will be installed tomorrow thursday. Until saturday noon the bergweg with the adjacent streets remains closed.

The municipal council approved the purchase of a municipal tipper for 23,500 euros for the building yard.

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