Coupling, securing, connecting

Coupling, securing, connecting

Eleven members of the zeitlofs and rupboden fire brigades successfully completed the "firefighting group" performance badge at the fire station in zeitlofs. To earn the badge, the floriansjunger had opted for construction variant 3, in which a room fire is assumed on the first floor. First, the individual tasks were assigned by lot, and depending on the performance level, various individual tasks such as knots, stitches and additional tasks relating to first aid, vehicle loading, hazardous materials and a questionnaire were required of the comrades.

During the subsequent exercise, the attacking team had to proceed under respiratory protection. The extinguishing water supply was built up by the water crew from an underground hydrant via the built-in fire pump of the HLF to the water distributor. This squad then had to equip and prepare itself as a safety squad under respiratory protection. The so-called hose squad set up traffic safety and then proceeded to fight the fire with the third jet pipe after receiving the order.

After the exercise, the firefighters had to demonstrate their skills by coupling a suction line. Within 160 seconds, four suction hoses had to be coupled and secured with fire department ropes. The suction line had to be connected to the fire pump and finally subjected to a dry suction test.

Successfully completed

After the acceptance, the referees marco brust, siegfried moller and wolfgang kenner announced that the two groups had successfully completed the performance exercise. Commander matthias hauke thanked all the participants and the trainer torsten hereth for the work they had done and the time they had sacrificed. Mayor wilhelm friedrich also thanked all the members and the judges on behalf of the municipality of zeitlofs for conducting the performance test.

The following participants received their badges: hendrik kenner (gold-red), thomas hufner (gold-red), kevin lamp (gold-green), joachim weichert (gold-blue), matthias zink (gold-blue), karsten kohlhepp (gold), sascha wagner (gold), helmut limpert (bronze), hans kaiser (bronze) and jonas schulz-stellmacher (bronze)

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