County honors deserving emergency workers

County honors deserving emergency workers

Following a now long-standing tradition, district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) recently honored proven firefighters from the entire erlangen-hochstadt district. For the first time, the paintings were presented in the winter garden of the "old fountain" during a stylish dinner in marloffstein, helpers from the technical relief organization and firefighters from the neighboring district of forchheim also honored.
As the district administrator emphasized in his speech, the event, which has so far been purely for firefighters, is to be turned into an evening of honor for all organizations from the "blue light family" in the future so that also here the always successful and harmonious co-operation with employments of all kinds comes to the expression. This year, however, the bavarian red cross had already honored him internally, so the premiere had to be postponed until next year.
With a detailed laudation, the honorary badge of the district of erlangen-hochstadt in silver and the corresponding certificate, tritthart, together with district fire chief matthias rocca, then honored the following firefighters, who had rendered outstanding services in their fire departments over years and decades: michael frank (FF zeckern), thomas kerschbaum (FF neuhaus), alfons maier (FF aisch), burkhardt niepelt (FF ober-mittel-untermembach), stefan sojka (FF frohnhof), manfred sperk (first responder baiersdorf), reinhard vogel (FF muhlhausen), jurgen vollner (FF hochstadt) and eduard walz (FF adlitz).
Even rarer is the award of the county’s badge of honor in gold: this year, rainer weber, the commander of the fire department of herzogenaurach, was honored with it.

A thank you to the neighboring district

tritthart and rocca presented the badge of honor to christian sailer and florian burkhardt from the district firefighters association forchheim for their active support in the introduction of an alerting program for the district’s executives, who have been kept up to date on all first and subsequent alerts of the fire departments in their own areas of responsibility since the beginning of the year by means of an app for the smartphone developed in the neighboring district of forchheim. This also highlighted the increasingly effective cooperation between the fire departments of the two counties, including at the management level. The district fire chief of the neighboring county, oliver flake, who was also invited, was therefore visibly pleased with the honorees.
On behalf of the state fire department association, alexander tritthart then pinned the honorary pin of the bavarian youth fire department on the uniform of bianca bier of the eschenau fire department. Together with the district administrator, michael haas, the local representative of the THW local association of baiersdorf, presented the honorary badge of the state of bavaria in silver and the honorary certificate of the bavarian state minister of the interior and integration, joachim herrmann, for 25 years of active service in the technical relief organization to stefan lippert and christian rohde, who have proven themselves over this long period of time in their specialist groups and as instructors, as well as in numerous operations at home and abroad.
A rather rare honor in fire department circles was bestowed on district fire chief christian buhl. For his tireless commitment in the fire department youth and the support group "local command" of the district as well as the perfect preparation of exercises to the disaster control for years the landrat distinguished him with the honorary medal of the district.
For their decades of service in the district fire brigade, rocca and tritthart then appointed the district fire brigade inspector a, who retired from the operations command service at the beginning of 2017. D. Hubert johna (hochstadt) appointed honorary district fire inspector. District fire chief a. D. Reiner kugler (hochstadt) received the certificate of appointment from the district as honorary district fire chief. In a lengthy laudatory speech, the district administrator recalled many of the honorary activities performed by the two tried-and-true leadership ranks of the district.
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