Conficastle: discovery tours at the castle

Conficastle: discovery tours at the castle

"Really cool", one confirmand thinks the conficastle was great, and another confirmee draws a positive conclusion: "it was really awesome", she writes in the guest book of the ymc bavaria "i would like to come again". Another finds above all "the band and the atmosphere great". The three confirmands from hammelburg sum up in words what most of their peers also feel. The four days at wernfels castle left a lasting impression.

For the first time, confirmation students from hammelburg, led by pastor robert augustin, attended a YMCA conficastle as part of their preparation for confirmation. The focus was on adventure, games, fellowship and youth-oriented proclamation. Under the motto "faithbook, relationship status changed?!?" they went in search of jesus and dealt with his "request for friendship to each and every one of them. And in the future workshop, they developed ideas for a community in which they want to be actively involved after confirmation.

Own band?!

Many of the 19 confirmands signaled their willingness and agreed on further meetings. Even concrete projects are envisaged. For example, they want to form a band, to arrange church services with modern songs, or even to develop and offer their own youth services in the michaels church. Drama, modern music and sermons that speak to the lives of young people with very concrete examples and experiences are at the top of the list for a church that is fit for the future from the point of view of the confirmation students.

Community living

community is also a central theme. Working in groups, they came up with a whole range of suggestions for joint activities. The desire to form such a community even after confirmation is great.

Because what community means, that becomes all too clear at the konficastle. Around 180 confirmands and around 60 employees formed a strong unit at wernfels castle in central franconia. The band "release date" proved to be a unifying element and constant driving force, they heated up with christian songs from the genres rock, metal and hip-hop. "Too loud" was that at best for the adult staff members?. And the band itself had no problem at all: "whether it’s chorals, metal or hip-hop, god certainly doesn’t look at the style of music used to worship, but at the heart attitude of the individual", bandleader jonas hammerbacher relies on the bible (1. Samuel 16, 7). How at all the musicians of "release date" even during the breaks, they told the interested confirmation students about their experiences with jesus. The spark jumped over to the young people from hammelburg.

Get to know jesus

experiences with jesus – there were enough of them at the konficastle. The young people collected these in community activities, during the workshops and the large-scale castle game as well as during the bible studies. The young people were intensively involved, among other things, in the "start in den tag" (start in the day) and at so-called "power-hours with striking bible passages.

They discover that the bible is not a historical book, but a special one, that it is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. The bible is a book that brings jesus closer and speaks directly into one’s own life. It is an advisor and companion for a lifetime. "I want to read the bible regularly now", says a hammelburg participant of the konficastle. "I get up a little earlier every morning for that."
And there is something else she has planned: to become a confirmation assistant and to accompany the confirmation candidates of the next year – also to the castle.

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