Children can write to the christ child

Shining children’s eyes are probably guaranteed: anyone who sends their wish letter to the christ child at this year’s presseck christmas market will receive an answer directly from the christ child in himmelstadt before the holidays. With this innovation, the 14. Pressecker franconia forest christmas market on, which takes place on the coming second advent sunday of 11 to 18 o’clock in and around the sport home schutzenhaus.

Mail for himmelstadt

The local post office, headed by marie lorenz-hanel, will set up a post office at the market, where children can send their self-designed letters to the christ child to himmelstadt’s heavenly post office. This christmas branch in himmelstadt in lower franconia has already been in existence for 30 years, and will open on 1. Advent opened.

Every year, this mailroom is delighted to receive numerous wish lists from children all over germany. The letters are opened, read and, of course, answered there. Response letters are received in twelve different languages, the himmelstadt christ child has now become international.

This year, the children of presseck and visitors to the christmas market can now also send a letter to the christ child. And they are guaranteed to get an answer. Maria lorenz-hanel was very enthusiastic about the idea of setting up an outpost of the himmelstadt post office at the presseck christmas market. After obtaining permission for this campaign from deutsche post, she had a large banner made to draw attention to this offer.

Own letterbox

For this "outpost" even a specially made mailbox is available for the fans. When many children from presseck send their wishes or other greetings to the christ child in himmelstadt, they definitely get an answer before the holidays. Maria lorenz-hanel and the organizing TSV presseck hope that many children will make use of this opportunity.

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