Autumn champion bvb modest – favre: “doesn’t mean much”

Even the ecstasy on the trembling south stand did not lure lucien favre out of his reserve.

While the fans loudly celebrated dortmund"s fourth fall championship and gave their favorite nuri sahin an ovation, the soccer coach enjoyed his team"s continued high-flying performance in his rather quiet way. "the fall championship doesn"t mean much to me," he commented following the 2-1 (2:1) win over werder bremen. The swiss evaded further questions about his team"s bright prospects with his usual restraint: "I don"t want to talk yet about whether we are in a position to win the title."

Although the lead of the bundesliga leaders, who are still unbeaten, over the second-placed team from monchengladbach grew to an impressive nine points, all those involved avoided making any declarations of war on the competition. "we"re ambitious, but we"re not trumpeting around," managing director hans-joachim watzke told ZDF television.

Even the cushion of nine points on the serial champion FC bayern does not act as a resting cushion for the club"s top team. "the fans should dream quietly. This euphoria carries the club. But the important thing is that we don"t start dreaming," watzke warned.

From a purely statistical point of view, however, dortmund's chances of a happy ending in may have increased. In 38 of 55 cases, the first-round best also won the cup. For BVB, finishing the winter at the top of the table is a good omen anyway: in all three previous cases (1994/95, 1995/96 and 2010/11), there was a big championship party months later. However, sebastian kehl, head of the professional players' department, thinks little of such number games. "We can't buy ourselves from that," kehl said.

For the former BVB pro, it was more important that the team showed character in the game against the plucky bremen side and continued their high-flying ways with the hard-fought but well-deserved success. "After the many changes during the summer break, the team has shown extreme consistency," praised kehl.

For the umpteenth time, BVB played at least in phases masterful and seemed after goals of super newcomer paco alcacer (20. Minute) and marco reus (27.) close to a sure victory. Only the once again wasteful use of further opportunities brought the sovereign leader after the connecting goal of the strong max kruse (35.) still in danger. "We could have made it easier for ourselves and we missed a few chances. Maybe we were a little too playful today," found goalkeeper roman burki.

Dortmund's hunger for success is far from satisfied even after winning the fall championship. They would love to go into the winter break undefeated. "We still want to get six points," said midfielder thomas delaney, looking ahead to tuesday's games in dusseldorf and friday's against pursuers monchengladbach. Club boss watzke is also hoping for a successful final show of strength: "this week we must once again dig out all the energy we have left."

However, the emotional highlight of the entertaining evening of soccer was not provided by BVB, but by a player in the jersey of the opponent. His former club colleagues stood guard as the long-time dortmund player sahin, who switched to bremen in the summer, stepped alone in front of the south stand and was euphorically celebrated by the fans. "For me it was a special moment. I tried to enjoy it, even though we lost the game," commented the midfielder, visibly moved.

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