Atmospheric advent market

The diebacher advent market in the picturesque ambience of the kirchgaden and the wehrkirche tunes on saturday, 23., and sunday, 24. November, in preparation for the upcoming advent season. Again numerous exhibitors use the gaden. The kindergarten sells advent wreaths. The altar boys offer handicrafts and waffles. A coffee bar is set up in the parish hall.

Numerous attractions have the association diebach again in the program. The visit of the christ child on saturday at 17.30 o’clock should let the hearts of the smallest ones beat faster. The christ child, accompanied by two angels, will speak the prologue from the stairway of the fortified church, as it can be heard at the nuremberg christkindlesmarkt. Afterwards, he will read christmas stories in the wehrkirche and accept wishes.

The market opens its doors on saturday at 2 p.M. The brass band diebach takes over from 14.30 o’clock the musical opening with christmas melodies. Afterwards the brass class and youth brass band diebach, untererthal, obererthal let hear what they have learned. At 16.At 3 p.M., the diebacher kindergarten children will perform in the historic fortified church. At 17 o’clock tunes the choir "monday monday for christmas. Afterwards the "diebacher turmblaser" provide for advent atmosphere.

Sing’n’swing concert

At 19 o’clock on saturday evening the association diebach invites to a concert of the special kind in the st. St. George’s church. The sing’n’swing ensemble has put together a varied program to set the mood for the advent season. Admission to the advent market and the musical offerings in the weir church are free. Donations will be gladly accepted at the evening concert on saturday evening.

For lunch on saturday from 2 p.M. And on sunday from 1 p.M. There will be homemade soups from the choir in the vaulted cellar. The stalls are open on sunday from 13 o’clock. On sunday takes over at 13.30 o’clock the brass band diebach the opening of the afternoon program. At 14.30 o’clock bettinas bridge choir from morlesau performs in the weir church. At 15.30 o’clock the choir "impuls from diebach for advent mood. At 4 p.M. The stralsbach choir will perform for the first time. Also premiere have at 16.45 o’clock the spatlese brass players from obereschenbach in the wehrkirche. The "diebacher turmblaser" (brass band) are once again heard in the churchyard.

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