“A good and safe investment

In the middle of last year, the municipal council had already unanimously instructed the mayor to conduct the purchase negotiations. These are largely completed. Decker signed the notarized purchase agreement with the german community deaconry association. Now only the municipal council has to approve the transaction.

For siegfried decker, the site is ideal for the further development of the community. On the one hand, there is the location of the site next to the school and the senior citizens’ residential park as well as the food markets. It can be approached from wirsberger strabe and schulstrabe.

Decker believes use for childcare is possible. At present is already the kinderhort “schlaufuchse” housed on the first floor of haus ruth. But a medical center, a building suitable for the disabled for outpatient assisted living or retirement communities are also conceivable.

Development concept applied for

at the meeting on 6 june, the local council. February expressed the intention of commissioning an urban development concept for neuenmarkt. This could lead to further ideas for the use of the property. “if the community is the owner, it can use its planning authority effectively and take advantage of grant opportunities.”, decker continued. He is also interested in counteracting further vacancies at the entrance to the town. Temporarily, the premises and the adjacent buildings could also be rented out, for example to young families or students who cannot find or afford accommodation in bayreuth. If no suitable subsequent use is found, building sites could also be designated for residential buildings.

At a site visit, the municipal councils have already been convinced of the structural condition of the buildings and found the building fabric to be good. In december, the building committee also unanimously recommended that the purchase be approved. Financing has been secured, and the parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.
Haus ruth used to be a home economics school that has now been vacant for 20 years. It was only briefly used after the opening of the border as accommodation for young people who found work in the region. Plans to use the house as student accommodation or for pupils of the himmelkroner school for curative education fell through.

It was only a year ago that, in the words of the mayor, “things started to move again”, when space was sought for the after-school care center, which would accommodate 30 boys and girls. “this is how the municipal council came to the decision to buy the site.” especially since 20,000 euros have already been invested in the nursery. For decker, the purchase of the site is a good and secure financial investment.

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