Young musicians invite you to their first concert

Today, saturday 23. June, the final concert of the early musical education with subsequent open day of the music school will take place in the rehearsal hall of the kups orchestra.
At 3 p.M. The final concert of the musical early education under the direction of julia bauer begins. Since the fall, the group of 16 children between the ages of four and six, together with their teacher, has been gaining insights into the world of music and musical instruments. There was a lot of dancing, singing and trying out. Visitors can look forward to a musical journey through time.

Test instruments

from 15.At 30 o’clock the instrument street is ready for the children and all visitors to try out the musical instruments. Experienced teachers will be happy to advise the children and their parents about the possibilities of making music. There is the possibility of individual lessons at the music school or playing in a brass class. From about 4 p.M. The pupil and youth orchestra kups under the direction of johannes piontek invites you to a small concert in the rehearsal home. The rehearsal center on the school grounds of the elementary and secondary school in kups is open to all interested parties until about 5 p.M. The musicians look forward to many interested visitors. Parking spaces are available on the school grounds of the elementary and middle school. The rehearsal home can be reached on foot via the playground of the middle building.

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