To the fast network

A good internet connection is now considered a decisive competitive factor in the struggle for new residents and jobs, the influx of families and new companies. This topic was repeatedly on the agenda of the last langensendelbach municipal council meetings.

The question was how every household in the community could be connected to a fiber-optic line as quickly as possible.

To achieve this goal, a cooperation agreement was concluded between "deutsche glasfaser " and the municipality. This is the first step into the digital future, said mayor oswald siebenhaar when he was the first to sign the contract for a free fiber optic connection – for the town hall.

In order to be able to expand the fiber optic network in brauningshof and langensendelbach, the company is dependent on the support of the citizens. On 1. November saw the start of the so-called demand bundling. Up to the 23. December, citizens in the expansion area can sign a contract to get a free fiber-optic connection to their house or apartment. If at least 33 percent of the households in the community participate, nothing more stands in the way of a network expansion.

The start of construction is already planned for 2022, as soon as the pre-marketing has been positively concluded, explains mayor siebenhaar. Deutsche glasfaser promises to connect all households directly to the fast fiber optic network. For the community of langensendelbach, this would be a huge step forward into a digital future. The crucial question is whether at least 33 percent of all residents of langensendelbach and brauningshofer can be convinced to sign a contract with "deutsche glasfaser"?

Two service points

In two service points in the town hall of langensendelbach, every thursday from 3 to 6 p.M., and in the fire station of brauningshof, every tuesday from 3 to 6 p.M., all citizens can get advice personally.

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