Songs for the seniors

The city of bad kissingen had invited seniors from albertshausen and poppenroth to a pre-christmas celebration and almost 100 people accepted this invitation in the hall of the vogler inn and were rewarded with a beautiful and atmospheric advent celebration.

The parish council and the church administration of albertshausen took care of the guests. Many volunteers were on hand, helping in a supportive way.

Mayor kay blankenburg thanked the war generation for their achievements in the reconstruction of the town. That we are doing so well today is entirely due to them. Now it is the turn of the younger generation to give something back again. Take time for other people, live the community and maintain traditions. One concern was particularly important to him, namely not to overwhelm our traditions with anglicism. Speaking english is important today. But we don’t need santa claus as long as we have santa claus or st. Nicholas, blankenburg said. There is no need for merry christmas, as long as we wish each other a merry christmas and as long as the bells are ringing, there is no need for jingle bells. He wished all present still a contemplative advent time a beautiful christmas and much health in the new year.

Pastor edwin ziegler expressed his regret how respect is increasingly lost in our society through violence and hatred, up to death threats. Culture and humanity begin where humanity is tolerant of all cultures. With the quote of the former bishop of the diocese of limburg, franz kamphaus: "do as god does, become a man", he reminded them to follow the example of jesus: "open your own heart"

Helmut beck the 1.Chairman of the senior citizens’ advisory council of the town of bad kissingen, told the story of the "kitten in heaven" for amusement in front of.

Seniors’ advisory council as a mouthpiece

Karin renner, senior citizens’ representative of the city of bad kissingen for the past five and a half years, thanked the senior citizens’ advisory council for its good cooperation. The senior citizens’ advisory council takes up suggestions from senior citizens and acts as a mouthpiece and link between the city council and citizens. In view of the age structure in the district, a care support center will soon be established in bad kissingen. In addition to information about statutory benefits, those seeking advice and assistance receive information about care and support services, assistance in claiming benefits, and many other offers of help on the subject of care.

Well rehearsed

The highlight of the afternoon was provided by the albertshausen kindergarten. Under the direction of verena schiesser on the guitar, the children, aged two to six years, performed two songs and a poem. "We are the little ones in the parish, the "baked apple and "thick red candle. The kindergarten team around verena schieber, jessica wolter and kerstin wehner have made a lot of effort to rehearse this performance with the little ones so well. The audience, among them proud great-grandmas and grandpas, thanked with great applause and each child was allowed to take away a chocolate santa claus. The musikverein albertshausen, with the 1. Chairman carsten martin and conductor joachim ehrenberg, provided the musical entertainment. The musicians played well-known advent songs throughout the afternoon and invited the audience to sing along.

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