Smoke detectors save lives in hebdorf and baiersdorf

smoke detectors save lives in hebdorf and baiersdorf

Two incidents in hebdorf and baiersdorf on sunday showed how valuable smoke detectors are. As can be seen from a press report of the district fire inspectorate, in both cases worse was prevented by the use of technology in combination with attentive citizens.

In hessdorf was on sunday evening shortly before 20 o’clock a walker with its dog at the membacher road on the way, when it noticed the signal of a private smoke alarm in the first floor of a multi-family house and became attentive thereby to a smoke development in the dwelling.

He immediately intervened with exploratory measures and notified immediate neighbors. They immediately made an emergency call. An unconscious person was found in the apartment. This was rescued by the courageous intervention of the reporting from the apartment strongly smoky by burnt cooking property, writes press speaker sebastian weber.

The fire departments of hebdorf, untermembach and hesselberg were alerted, extinguished the fire during the course of the operation under heavy breathing protection and carried out ventilation measures. Two ambulances, an emergency doctor and their chief of operations were on the scene, as well as a police patrol. The resident was later brought to a hospital as a precautionary measure while still conscious. Another resident also suffered minor injuries from fire smoke.

Pizza burns in the oven

A similar case occurred early on sunday morning in the wellerstadt district of baiersdorf. After a smoke detector in the upper floor of a multi-family house in the wellerstadter main street had been triggered and the emergency call 112 had been dialed by neighbors, the integrated control center nuremberg alerted at 5:00 a.M..47 the wellerstadt and baiersdorf fire departments and the rescue service. After no one answered the doorbell and knocked on the door, the door was opened with special tools. As cause for the smokiness of the dwelling the attack troop of the fire-brigade wellerstadt proceeding under heavy respiratory protection discovered a burnt pizza in the stove, which was brought thereupon into the free one.

One person was found sleeping by the fire department, woken up, brought to safety and handed over to the rescue service. The baiersdorf fire department provided the safety team and then ventilated the building using positive pressure, so that the residents could then return to their apartments.

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