Quiet hope at grobbardorf

TSV grobbardorf – spvgg bayern hof (saturday, 2 p.M.)
satisfaction reigned on all sides after the 2:1 away win at the U23 of wurzburger kickers, when the proteges of the trainer duo udo eckert/otto dietz again showed their successful away face. "I’m always satisfied when we win a game. The boys did a good job and, given the number of opportunities, deserved it. The game clearly showed that the team is on the right track. All in all, it was a good performance," he says, emphasizes eckert, who, together with goalkeeper coach otto dietz, sees himself only as an interim solution for the last encounters until the winter break.

Hope for repetition

andreas lampert from TSV’s sporting management is also pleased that the team did not let itself be rattled after the turbulent week with the resignation of dominik schonhofer. "The boys did very well in wurzburg, ignored everything around them and played courageously", he says, coupled with the hope that they can repeat this performance in the home game against the team of the hour. Spvgg bayern hof, coach alexander spindler’s eleven, has recently won five games in a row and comes to grabfeld with a broad chest. The upper franconians have thus worked their way up to tenth place. "Hof has a good squad with high quality", knows eckert, who is nevertheless aiming for a home win: "i want to win every game, and this game is no exception. We will do everything we can to keep the points in grobbardorf."

Lampert rates the guests highly and emphasizes that the hosts have a tough task ahead of them. "The relegated regional league player has long been nibbling away at the problems of the previous season, but has since improved dramatically and is now in the kind of shape we have come to expect from him over the years. We have a mammoth task ahead of us, and we have to put everything into it." the grabfelds will again have to tackle this task with a severely depleted squad. With marcel holderle, who has just recovered from an injury and suffered a torn calf muscle in wurzburg, another regular player will be out for the rest of this year. The same goes for lukas illig. Lampert says: "lukas has tried it this week, but has had to break off, so that for him after his knee injury is now also definitely winter break. Pascal stahl, xaver muller and tobias breunig are out until 2018 anyway." there is some hope for andre rieb, who may return to the squad after his abdominal muscle strain.

"But we have now passed the important 30-point mark and can approach the last three games calmly but also strengthened and see what is still possible. After that, we will sit down together and discuss personnel matters to see how things will go for us in 2018", says lampert.

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