Neudrossenfeld’s diwersi celebrates twice

This was by no means an undeserved counter for the table second last thiersheim, although it didn’t look like it at the beginning. A lively match developed on the slippery turf. The favored neudrossenfelders pushed the tempo and played one-way football. But when the guests came into position, then they aimed badly or found their master in keeper karnitzschky.

The game was turned upside down in the 24th minute. Minutes. After a corner ball siniawa headed in for the thiersheim lead. Shortly before the break, taubenreuther prevented the 2:0 when he cleared bartek’s shot on the line.

Thiersheim fought on doggedly after the break and put the brakes on the attacking fury of their upper franconian rivals. But after just over an hour, neudrossenfeld got the long overdue equalizer. In the process, diwersi took the lead twice. He first failed free standing at the foot of the local keeper karnitzschky, but got a second chance with the rebound, which he used for the equalizer. As lattermann in the 84. Minute sent the speedy diwersi on his way, vates took the guest attacker off his feet. Lattermann safely converted the penalty kick that was due.

Neudrossenfeld had the opponent in the bag, but didn’t close it out. It was already injury time when thiersheim were awarded a free kick. The shot did not find its way into the mesh, but on the rebound vates was on the spot and pushed the ball over the line with his head.

TSV thiersheim – TSV neudrossenfeld 2:2 (1:0)

TSV thiersheim: karnitzschky – sahin, cernousek, seidel, M. Walther, vates, D. Walther, siniawa, bartek (76. Manzke), hartbauer, damrot.
TSV neudrossenfeld: M. Kufner – zapf, taubenreuther, latter mann, widmaier, rau, kempf (40. Diwersi), lutz, moore, H. Cooper (82. Klein), pajonk (90. Dunzl).
Goals: 1:0 siniawa (24.); 1:1 diwersi (63.); 1:2 lattermann (84./(penalty kick); 2:2 vates (90.+2). – audience: 100. – referee: vecera (robtal).

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