Look – bet – shout!

"And in the row B like federal road the number eight." "biiingooo", hannelore shouts enthusiastically. At last she has the row full.
Hannelore haring rushed home from work to get to the marquee on time. Here she can switch off and with a little luck win a lot of things.
On the monday after the kirchweih, the settlers invited families to a family afternoon in the marquee on the grounds of the sports club. The bingo game was included in the afternoon program for the first time this year. "We usually play once a month on saturday evenings", tells organizer kurt fischer. The brewery employee was youth director of the SSV kitzingen for over 30 years. Youth work also started the bingo tradition. "In the youth camps, we used bingo to pass the time when the weather was bad", explains fischer. "With small prizes for the kids – that was enough to keep them busy."

this resulted in a meeting once a month on saturday evenings, where especially the old-timers play for small things like jewelry, alcohol or household items.

"Mostly between 50 and 80 players come to the event. We sometimes play until late in the evening", reports fischer. A bingo card costs 2.50 euros. Fischer buys the prizes from the proceeds. Whatever is left over at the end is offered as a cash prize.
Manuela denk has also won prizes in kind. "A set of suitcases, a 1. FC nuremberg edition, a coffee service", she enumerates. She came to the family party with her husband and two children. Daughter amily watches bingo for the first time. "When it gets too boring, i go to the bouncy castle", reveals the six-year-old.
But even the smallest can play and win. Three-year-old lion lutz paid close attention to his bingo card and nudged his mom at just the right moment to make her shout "bingo" loudly shouts. And he can pick up the green folding recliner chair at the front from kurt fischer and lean back comfortably for the rest of the afternoon.

"From the series G like gerald the number 17. And then the super number 66 also from the row G", kurt fischer shouts from the stage.

The tension mounts and everyone hastily looks at their cards and puts their hats on the hits. "The only number missing is 26", hannelore haring states excitedly, but at this moment it already sounds "biiingooo" again, this time by erika werner.
The settler, who already belongs to the inventory of the bingo community, has already won a lot in the last years. Besides chains and rings, she even once took home the main prize of 100 euros. This time she chooses cutting boards, knives and two bottles of beer from among the prizes.
But it’s not just the prices that matter to the victors. "Bingo is just cool, finds charlotte bonic. "It’s exciting, thrilling, and just plain fun", tells the victor. She has bought five cards and is now hoping to be lucky. She comes here, like most of them, mainly for the society. "Here you get to know new people, time goes by very fast."
Organizer kurt fischer enjoys every round of bingo, but also reports declining interest in bingo. "People are spoiled with time and expect to win something olles every time. If they are there the whole evening and have bad luck in the game, some do not come back." but as long as the people keep coming, the games will be played. And then it’s "biiingooo" again after a tense wait!"

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