Learning from each other

At a meeting of volunteers involved in refugee work, ursula erb from augsburg gave a talk on the subject of volunteering. Erb works for the state working group of volunteer agencies/centers and coordination centers for civic engagement in bavaria. Lagfa bavaria wants to strengthen the municipal infrastructure to support and network civic volunteerism.

The speaker inspired the audience with many "lively" stories practical examples. Volunteer work not only has the task of helping others, but also changes one’s own life.

Tolerance and distinction

"A woman in my class told me she was only here to get some rest because she was exhausted and at the end of her rope, told erb. It should not come to that in honorary office. Refugee work requires a great deal of empathy, tolerance and the ability to set oneself apart. Volunteers were given the opportunity to get to know other cultures, but they were also given the opportunity to learn about other cultures. At the same time, however, this also requires us to come to terms with our own culture.

"Has your mother explained to you how close you have to get to someone so that you don’t violate the personal space or when you do or don’t shake someone’s hand??", she asked the group. It is difficult for the refugees to understand and learn these customs. This can only be achieved by learning from and with each other.

In order not to lose volunteers, she said, finding a compromise was essential. Finding a solution together not only strengthens the team of volunteers, but also changes one’s own personality. The message to all possible supporters should be: "all help according to their possibilities and nobody exceeds his limits!" in the encounter with other cultures, this also means, among other things, addressing the different understanding of time and punctuality.

Erb was enthusiastic about the newly created opportunity for refugee assistance in kronach to meet together every tuesday from 6 to 8 p.M. At the office for agriculture and forestry at kulmbacher strabe 44. Only in such a setting can encounters take place, prejudices be overcome, and tolerance and humanity be lived out. All citizens of the district are cordially invited to these meetings.

The same goes for the theater event on thursday, 15. November, at 7 pm in the kronach kreiskulturraum. KAB and refugee aid kronach were able to present the "berliner compagnie" with her play "longing for spring" win..

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