Kogler sworn in as a municipal councilor

A premiere took place in the public meeting of the stegaurach municipal council for second mayor bernd fricke and for the municipal representative for the disabled, religion teacher siegfried kogler.

Kogler is a successor in the CSU-burgerblock municipal council faction for the retired municipal councilor stefan vogel. The first CSU civic block list successor would have been gebhard sitzmann, said second mayor bernd fricke at the start of the public council meeting, but sitzmann had given the municipality the thumbs down for professional reasons.

Siegfried kogler, who has long been associated with the community in an honorary capacity as, among other things, a representative for the disabled, was all the happier. The 62-year-old religion teacher then swore in a strong voice that he would use his strength for the common good "so help me god".


The council was pleased to see this joy in honorary office, especially since second mayor fricke had pointed out in the run-up to the swearing-in ceremony that this honorable task of a ceremonial swearing-in fell to him for the first time and that he was also a little nervous. Nervous also because the inauguration with the oath of allegiance for councilors has changed recently, so it is now much more ceremonial when citizens take up an elective honorary office in a municipality.

Some of the visitors to the public meeting said that this was justified, given that the willingness to do voluntary work was declining everywhere and that those who were doing voluntary work for their community were not infrequently looked at askance, attacked or even harassed and hurt.

In this context, mayor fricke referred to the attack by a motorist on a firefighter from the municipality. It would be sad if stegaurach would make it into the media this way.

Then, however, the council turned back to its mandatory tasks and dealt with the issues relating to the project-related development and green space plan "am steinig II" comments, objections, concerns, advice and recommendations received in the muehlendorf municipality, or decisions to consider them.

Raised to the statute

Finally, after the landscape architect and urban planner jorg meier from the office hohnen und partner had presented and voted, the necessary resolution on the statutes could take place.

Joseph hopfner of the SPD voted against and wanted this to be explicitly recorded in the minutes.

Mayor fricke was able to announce that the municipality of stegaurach is now officially a "fair trade municipality" become.

Fricke also referred to the upcoming inauguration of the cemetery and new blessing hall in stegaurach, which will take place on 27 january 1998. October took place.

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