Kindergarten in motten will become considerably more expensive

Kindergarten in Motten will become considerably more expensive

The councillors were flabbergasted. The current state around the kindergarten new building presented itself substantially more expensive than in the preliminary draft. Local councillor tobias herbert (WG motten) was the first to speak up: "we are talking about an increase of almost 40 percent. I do not find this funny." the actual difference to the estimated figures from the preliminary draft is exactly 823.919.68 euros. The total costs currently amount to a good 2,000 euros.948.000 euros. In the preliminary draft, which is just half a year old, the expected expenditure was still estimated at just over 2,000 euros.124.000 euros had been specified.

Architect rudolf robig attributed the additional costs, among other things, to an eight percent increase in construction prices and the plant technology. This represents the largest item in the list of additional costs. Around scarcely 552.000 euro it rose from approximately 277.000 euro to now 828.714 euros to. "I just want to understand this", tobias herbert emphasized. Rudolf robig referred to the specialist engineer who had provided the figures for the cost explanation.

Also rudolf will (WG motten) did not open the additional costs: "I expect more transparency and care with preliminary drafts." robig replied: "I cannot accept any responsibility for the increase in construction prices." the intensive discussion, whether the subsidy request with these unexpected numbers should be approved at all, helped the information that also after the subsidy decision if necessary to be reduced and varied could be, to relaxation. Robig explained that it was possible to deviate from the funding application if the legal and technical requirements were met. Treasurer steffen schneider referred to the problem that with higher building costs a subsequent promotion could be possible, with lower building costs however the promotion could be smaller.

Mayor jochen vogel (CSU) suggested "to question the figures, but not to calculate so far down, until we like the number". A specialized planner is to be assigned to break down the individual items and to point out saving possibilities. The subsidy application should be made in any case "around with the 4. To be part of the investment program", according to vogel. The municipal council agreed unanimously.

Already in the last local council meeting jochen bird had announced the resignation of the local councillor marco hillenbrand ( kothen-motten-speicherz). The municipal council now confirmed the proposal. So far, no successor could be found. The list successors are written to in turn, without this being announced in advance in the municipal council.

The head of the municipality swore in a new field juror. Georg schneider supports the so far eight kothen field jurors in the "official duties, secrecy and lifelong preservation of the seven secrets" – so it says in the oath.

The local helpers (hvo) have been in service in motten for almost three years. Christian schrott showed statistics from the past year. 49 missions were recorded by the hvo in 2018, two in speicherz, 16 in kothen and 31 in motten. Presumably speicherz is not so much in the supply area of the hvoler, since the rescue service from bad bruckenau is there just as long on the way as the hvoler from motten. Otherwise, the average time advantage before the arrival of the emergency doctor is eleven minutes. In one case, the rescue service was on the scene only 25 minutes after the first responders. As a rule, they only need two to three minutes to arrive at the scene of the incident. Mayor jochen vogel was happy to repeat himself: "hvo is a great institution. This can not be appreciated highly enough."

The 2. Amendment of the development plan "am leimersfeld was postponed to the next meeting of the municipal council, because a requested expert opinion was not yet available. The local council found no reason to reject the partial land use plan of the municipality of sinntal for wind energy control. The community would not be adversely affected by noise or shadows.

For the mottener church environment so far no offers were accepted and therefore also no order assigned, announced mayor jochen bird. "In the construction market, the companies "cherry-pick" their products. Vogel would like to discuss the next steps with the government and hold talks with an office.

The youth room in kothen, which was desired in the ideas workshop at the beginning of april, had already been thought of as being located in the community hall. For a long-term use, however, the building fabric would first have to be examined, which delays the fulfillment of the desire. As a temporary solution kothen’s youth proposed two vacant rooms in the fire station. In the renovation work she would also participate.

The local council had no objections to any of the three building applications. In motten, the ring road is allowed to fill up the site. In the fuldaer street the applicant may reorganize the roof of his dwelling house and develop with dormers. In addition, the council supported the installation of an external staircase. In speicherz, the new construction of a single-family dwelling was approved, as well as the exemption from roof shape and pitch.

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