Info point in front of the kisssalis thermal spa

Since the end of november, the info point "great spas of europe and bad kissingen" has been presenting itself to the public directly in the entrance area of kisssalis therme. Guests can obtain comprehensive information there about bad kissingen’s application for inclusion on the unesco world heritage list. On the boards the strengths of bad kissingen are represented, likewise one can get an impression of the competitors.

All "great spas" enjoyed in the 19. They gained worldwide fame in the nineteenth century and continue to use their sources to this day. A special feature in all places is the characteristic spa architecture.

The great spas

These are the spas of bath in england, spa in belgium, vichy in france, montecatini therme in italy, baden near vienna in austria, the bohemian spas of karlovy vary, marienbad and franzensbad in the czech republic and the german spas of bad ems, baden-baden as well as bad kissingen.

Richard pucher, operations manager of kisssalis therme, is pleased with the application. "The special significance of these places has long been clear to us. If they were to be included in the unesco list, it would be absolutely appropriate, as they are an important part of europe’s cultural history." people have been bathing in warm thermal water since roman times, as is clearly demonstrated by the ruins in baden-baden dating back to emperor caracalla, for example. Today, this trend continues in the modern spas, not only in bad kissingen, but also in the other two german locations. The thermal spas in both bad ems and baden-baden are operated by kannewischer management AG, which is also responsible for the operation of kisssalis therme.

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