In the last third, the wolves score six times

In the last third, the wolves score six times

Kissinger wolves – luchse lauterbach 7:1 (0:0, 1:0, 6:1).

The bad kissingen ice rink will not win a beauty award in its lifetime. But the almost 41-year-old arena has spruced itself up: lots of fresh paint, even more sponsor banners in the hall and a neat sign above the entrance, as well as a small fan store at the ticket booth. The many supporters of the kissinger wolves have been hard at work over the past few weeks. And now all the more curious to see the new face of the team for the first time on its own ice.

More than 140 spectators at a test game, that’s something to be proud of, especially since the fan club was really up for good support after the long ice hockey-free time. So it was also loud in the hall, where the performance on the ice could not quite keep pace at first. Although the kissinger wolves started strong, rather the hessen their initial insecurity and wolves-goalie benni dirksen challenged several times. His opponent, the young felix michel, was not a bit worse, so that it went into the first break goalless. The best kissinger chances until then had christian masel (latte) and the later injured from the ice semjon bear missed.

In the middle third finally the first goal, scored by marc hemmerich with assists from masel and jonas manger. A well-deserved tour for the people of saale, who had put on a tooth. However, there was still room for improvement, especially in terms of superior play and consistency in finishing, as regularly shown by exceptional players such as zaitsev or kiselev in the past season. The announced potential contingent player was in the hall, but had not received a playing permit from the association at short notice. For this, kristers freibergs celebrated his premiere in the wolves jersey. The 26-year-old latvian defender with first league experience in his home country is supposed to fill the second contingent position and showed his qualities especially in the final third, including several goal contributions.

The regional league team around soren franz from hammelburg, brother of the backup goalkeeper lars torben franz from kissingen, which played well for a long time, completely lost sight of the game with the second goal against by jonas manger (45.) and had to admit defeat with further goals by anton seewald (46).), mikhail nemirovsky (53.), jona schneider (57.), simon eirenschmalz (58.) and anton zimmer (59.). The honorary goal for the lynxes was scored by ex-kissinger nikolai varianov (47.). The wolf pack was cheered by its fans after the final siren. Well aware that victories in the upcoming bavarian league season at the beginning of october are not a matter of course. One must celebrate the celebrations as they fall.

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