Fistfight over girl ends with broken jaw

To settle their conflict, the two teenagers went to the parking lot. Their dispute was over a girl. By the time the teens were done, the older one had a broken lower jaw and the younger one had a bloody scabbed face.

Even in court, the younger of the two youths could not grasp what his almost had done to the face of his opponent. It had been just a normal fist punch after all. Suspicions that he might have used brass knuckles, he rejected.

Before the two youths now sat opposite each other in the forchheim district court, the attempt at mediation had failed. The older teenager had shown no interest in this. Before district judge philipp fortsch, he was then, however, ready to take such a step. He would have been at that time also in an internal state of emergency. He would have had to deal with three deaths within a short period of time.

Fortsch pleads for meditation
the young man, however, stood by his account that he had not been hit with a bare fist alone. But also with an object. "There was something", he said. However, he had not seen exactly what it was about. It was this statement, however, that led the public prosecutor to charge his opponent with dangerous bodily injury.

In court, however, the prosecutor did not quite know how to proceed in the matter either. The alleged involvement of a brass knuckle simply could not be proven.
Against this background, district judge fortsch once again brought a meditation into play. Associated would have been the discontinuation of the proceedings. However fortsch wanted to know absolutely considered that it had caught the older young person by far worse than the younger adversary.

The older one had to be treated in the hospital after all. Fortsch therefore suggested a sum of 1000 euros, which the thug would have to pay to the victim. However, at that time, defense attorney christian barthelmes and the representative of the joint plaintiff had already agreed on a sum of 500 euros.

500 euro in two installments
barthelmes, however, did not want to let the older teenager off the hook completely. The latter had also provoked: "this was a predicate offense bordering on contributory negligence."
The matter ended with a settlement decision. The defendant must pay two installments of 250 euros each to his opponent from the parking lot. The accused must carry the expenditures of the nebenklage, the remainder carries the treasury.

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