Fidele tante chases a burglar

Fidele Tante chases a burglar

Burglars have nothing to laugh about on aunt erna’s show, but viewers have a lot more to laugh about. Their merry trip to and their escape from the sanatorium becomes a criminalistic comedy, which brings the wasserndorfer amateur dramatic group in three acts on stage.

The sprightly and spirited aunt erna schneider witnesses a burglary during her escape from the sanatorium. Burglar and bar owner charly, faced with an empty safe, thinks erna has the money. Now the hunt begins for erna and for the lost loot, while erna hunts down the crook with the help of her ex-brother-in-law and her good friend otto, who happens to be a policeman.

The three-act play stars karin kohler, petra rutzel, frank ungurean, willi kohler, barbara bohn, ute wanner, klaus wanner, dieter schultheib, renate bohn (prompter) and dieter bohn (director).

But the three-act play "erna’s jolly excursion" is not the end of the theater evening. The amateur actors also perform the funny one-act play "oma gretchens neue stiefel" (grandma gretchen’s new boots), in which the good-natured cobbler antonia lends grandma gretchen the repaired boots of henriette von knascht. But with these boots they both want to go to the senior citizens afternoon. Whether there is a good end?

Participating in the one-act play are: julia rutzel, anna ott, lisa ott, franz rutzel, maria rutzel, jochen goring, theresa rutzel, philipp rutzel, nicole brand (prompter) and monika rutzel (director).

In the 36. Three theater veterans are still part of the theater season: franz rutzel, willi kohler and klaus wanner. The stage sets were designed by heinz gerlach (winkelhof).

Performance dates in the former school: friday, 11., saturday, 12., friday, 18. And saturday, 19. January 2013 at 8 p.M. And sunday, 13. January 2013, at 2 p.M. Advance booking begins monday, 31. December. Tickets are available daily between 6 and 8 p.M. From dieter bohn, tel. (09 33 2) 39 78 at dorfstrabe 18.

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