District office warns of forest fires

Due to the lack of rain and high summer temperatures, there is also a high risk of forest fires in the district of erlangen-hochstadt. Particularly at risk are the sebalder reichswald as well as forests on light sandy sites with little vegetation, sunny forest clearings and forest edges, according to a press release from the district office. The government of middle franconia has announced that it will closely monitor developments throughout middle franconia. By airplane, forest areas are controlled for the time being until sunday, 5.August, checked for possible smoke.

Flights in the afternoon

according to the government of middle franconia, the monitoring of the forest areas in middle franconia is carried out on fixed routes. Takeoff from bases of the bavarian air rescue squadron. Depending on the starting point, the route leads from erlangen-dechsendorf via schnaittach, hersbruck and allersberg to pleinfeld. From there, the aircraft will fly via abenberg, nuremberg-mohrenbrunn, nuremberg-buchenbuhl and erlangen-tennenlohe, with a loop via emskirchen, wilhermsdorf, heilsbronn and windsbach, back to the starting point. In this way, the particularly endangered forest areas and also the western part of middle franconia can be easily seen from the air and checked for possible smoke development. Flights will take place in the afternoon hours, when the risk of forest fires is highest due to heat and recreational activities of the population.

No fire, no cigarettes

the public safety department of the erlangen-hochstadt district office urges the public to heed the following warnings: in the forest or less than 100 meters away from it, no fire or open light may be lit or operated, no open fireplaces are erected or operated, no ground cover is burned and no plants or plant remains are lowered by area, no burning or smoldering things are discarded and no smoking is allowed.

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