David garrett: we artists must trust the experts

David garrett: we artists must trust the experts

Musician david garrett (40) relies on the expertise of virologists and politicians despite the massive impact on artists like himself.

"For non-scientists like me, it’s difficult to form a neutral opinion about whether the restrictions are right," the star violinist told the "augsburger allgemeine" newspaper. "I trust the people who do this for a living, and i stick to the specifications."

Garrett said that although he has an apartment in new york and his brother’s family lives in the metropolis, he has not been to the U.S. Since the outbreak of the pandemic. "My only trips abroad since then have been to holland to the studio, and in the summer i spent two weeks in mallorca with my mother."Since a performance in january in abu dhabi he has not given a concert anymore.

His new album "alive" was intended to cheer up listeners in the corona crisis. "Music is something that is fun for me. You can enjoy them together, but you can also enjoy them alone," said garrett. "I want to create a bit of joie de vivre for the moment with my pieces. This is always true, but in this very difficult and melancholy situation for many of us, it is even more true."

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