Baumgartner’s record: of water, schools and roads

Baumgartner's record: of water, schools and roads

Looking back, jurgen baumgartner is confident. For five years he has represented the constituency kronach/lichtenfels in the state parliament. The CSU deputy has hardly skipped a topic in these years, and has reaped both pats on the back and hostility for it. At the end of the election period, one thing is clear for him: "it’s like a soccer team: it was an excellent season."

Two universities in a legislative period to be promised, is not everyday, he calls one of the most obvious points of his work. For the region, he said, these educational institutions are of existential importance. Skilled workers would be trained locally and a technology transfer would be established. "Through this, we will make the jobs all safer", underlines the delegate.

And the second university in kronach after the finance university is to become an educational institution that is unparalleled in bavaria. "It will be a concept from the region for the region", promises baumgartner.

CSU sets up ten-point plan for kronach clinic
baumgartner’s personal highlight, however, is a topic that was not part of his original plans: the redevelopment of the frankenwald group. The fact that the water supplier was recognized as a hardship case and receives high subsidies is in its eyes "a small sensation. About 44 million euros in funding should be. This would reduce the burden on citizens – calculated over 22 years – by about 18000 euros to 2300 euros per household. In it he sees a tangible breakthrough for the citizen also.

From the point of view of other observers, however, the progress in medical care or the breakthrough in the expansion of the B 173, which he believes is imminent, could also top the list quickly.

Major project starts with a demolition
all in all, the five years in the state parliament have flown by for him. "What I promised in 2013, I have kept", he explains. This also applies to a secondary school in pressig. The possibility for this had been created, but – as promised – the idea would not be implemented against the will of the people. Baumgartner is disappointed that the wind farm in hain may remain because it is formally legally okay ("sometimes being right and getting right are not the same thing").

Over long distances diligence, luck, two prime ministers considering the rural area and a united franconia forest CSU as basis would have ensured for the fact that some could have been moved and a departure tendency in the region had been waked.

Cornerstone in baumgartner’s activities since 2013

-"we have made good progress in the area of infrastructure/roads", baumgartner sums up. He is confident that the lerchenhof route will be built despite the ongoing lawsuit. The federal traffic route plan is financed through. That’s why he believes the four-lane expansion of the 173 federal highway from lichtenfels to the southern border of the kronach district is on the right track.

– the district kronach would be connected by the IC again to the long-distance traffic net. This development is to be further advanced. The kronach train station is to be redesigned and made barrier-free by 2021. "’we are in the package, but it will take some time’, explains the deputy.

– the "northeast bavaria funding initiative for the revitalization of the town centers is, in baumgartner’s opinion, probably the most successful program in bavaria in the last five years. "And it has emerged in the kronach district." he sees further successes in the abolition of the street extension fee statute and the return to social housing construction.

– the digital infrastructure could be improved, among other things, through the highly funded "mobile communications initiative of the future", which he was in charge of launching to be improved.

– A thick package had been laced in the medical range in bavaria, in addition, in the constituency (psychiatric day hospital in kronach, KVB on-call practice, land physician quota etc.).

– A solution has been found for the burghotel lauenstein, he says. It was not the best solution, he said, but the only one that could be implemented.

– in addition to the breakthrough at the universities, baumgartner mentions the G9, which he supports, the progress made with the sabel technical high school in the kronach district and the "e-commerce merchant" training program from 2018/2019 in lichtenfels as positive developments.

-in difficult situations (loewe, rewe kronach), the MP has been involved in the search for solutions.

– A large collective accommodation in kronach was averted.

– baumgartner sticks to his 2017 thesis that the kronach district would benefit from the national park discussion. The planned university and an environmental project are direct offshoots of this, he said. However, the deputy criticizes free riders who "per paiste and copy" almost in the wording tried to pull such kronacher ideas now in neighboring counties.

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